MCC Student Activities Advisor Acceptance Form

Rebecca Newell * (978)656-3763 * email: * Bedford Campus: Campus Center, 203 * Lowell Campus: City 407*

You have been identified by students as a faculty or professional staff person at Middlesex Community College who may be willing to be the advisor to a club. Prior to agreeing to this responsibility, it is important that you understand and acknowledge the commitment involved. The Middlesex Community College Student Union Government Association and the Office of Student Activities have instituted the following general rules.

1. Every MCC student organization must have an advisor.

2. Advisors are invited to establish their own style of advising, but are expected to serve as a mentor to their students and foster student leadership.

3. Advisors should attend their club's meetings, but students should run the meetings.

4. Advisors are responsible to see that all of the College's policies and procedures (as outlined in the Student Handbook and The Beacon) are followed by their club.

5. Advisors should interact with the Student Activities Office Staff ensure solid communication that will, in turn, help the club be successful.

6. Advisors must encourage members of the club to be responsible by submitting all paperwork, keeping accurate records of their meetings, monitoring their budget, and working closely with SUGA and Student Activities.

7. Advisors are aware of and ensure that the club abides by all of the state laws regarding hazing as well as all other applicable federal and state laws.

Thank you for your support of our student leaders!

Last Modified: 11/15/16