The Beacon: A Guide for Student Clubs & Organizations

Greetings!  We are looking forward to working closely with you and your club or organization this year.  SUGA, in collaboration with the Student Activities Offices (SAO), sponsors and supports the efforts of students as they plan and promote programs and events for the campuses and their own leadership development. 

 SUGA’s purpose is to represent the student voice and facilitate communication, promoting responsibility, cooperation and collaboration among students with faculty and the administration of Middlesex Community College.  We are a 16-member board of elected students from both the Lowell and Bedford campuses.  SUGA meets weekly on alternating campuses.  These meetings are open to all students.  Call 978-656-3363 for a schedule.  We work with clubs and organizations to ensure smooth and successful event planning, purchases, and leadership development.  Club representatives are encouraged to attend our meetings.

 An MCC club is run for and by students.  A club is made up of 5 or more members who share a specific interest and mission.  Clubs must be registered and approved annually.  The organizations are created for students, but often are organized by a staff or faculty member.  Both clubs and organizations add to the overall campus-life at Middlesex Community College.

 The following links offer a guide for you and your club or organization.* The Beacon explains the services and resources provided by the Student Activities Office.  Its main purpose is to serve as a manual that will assist you in meeting the needs of your group.  Specific policies and procedures are outlined.  Questions regarding these policies should be directed to the Student Activities Office staff.

 We are available to assist you throughout the year; so visit our offices or give us a call!

 Best wishes,

Your SUGA Officers
(Student Union Government Association)

* Student club members are responsible for reading and understanding this manual’s contents as all clubs will be held accountable for adhering to the policies and procedures herein.  Policies and procedures are subject to change at any time without notice. Organizations may be exempt from some of the registration requirements.  Both clubs and organizations should work closely with Student Activities Staff to ensure their success. 

Chapter 1 Club Requirements

Chapter 2 Registration

  • New Clubs
  • Returning Clubs

Chapter 3 Budget

  • Student Activity Fund
  • Purchasing & Tax Exemption
  • Fundraising

Chapter 4 Event Planning (board/easel policy, catering, paper goods, etc.)

Chapter 5 Travel

Chapter 6 General Information (AC standard, community, etc.)

Chapter 7 Role of the Advisor

  • Role of the Advisor
  • Risk Management
  • Resources


Last Modified: 8/22/13