All Clubs At MCC

African Cultural Club (ACC)

(L) Is a socio-cultural club responsible for fostering a culturally, diverse campus environment while increasing unity among students. Reggie Nichols 978-656-3227; and Ashanti Boothe 978-656-3101 ;

African Culture Steppers

The purpose is to not only have a good time with one another, but to educate the team  about the origins of stepping.

 Academic Peers Leading Undergraduate Success(APLUS)

Works with Academic Center for Enrichment, Service Learning and similar organizations to find and volunteer with Academic Programs in the Greater MCC Community. Noreen McGinness Olson, 781-280-3591; and Genevieve Green 978-656-3358; .

Art Gallery Association

(B) Presents exhibitions of artwork by students and professional artists throughout the year. Margaret Swan, 781-280-3803,; Henderson Hall 103.

Bible Study

The purpose of the club is to provide opportunities for students to dialog about issues of faith. Scripture readings are discussed. The club also allows students to connect with others of like faith. Jean Cremins; 978-656-3012;


Offers an environment for social interaction and friendly competition. Meets weekly in Woburn to bowl. Marie Caruso; 978-656-3367;

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Club is an organization whose purpose is to educate and elaborate on the different avenues and opportunities for careers and jobs that lie within the field. This club will also provide support to other students in need of guidance or direction. Ron Brevard; 781-280-3701; and Heloise DaCunha; 781-280-3905;

Dance Club

Whether you are experienced or beginner level dancer, this club offers a friendly, fun, healthy opportunity to learn a variety of dance styles and techniques. Van Chum; 781-280-3560; and Maria Campechano; 978-656-3272

Dean's Advisory Council

This committee of students works with the Office of the Dean of Students to foster an environment where the civility and caring for one another are valued and affirmed by upholding MCC's Community Standards and Core Commitments. Rebecca Newell; 978-656-3362;

Debate Club

To further discussion & intellectual collaboration among students through debate. Robert Kaulfuss; 781- 280-3852;


DECA prepares the next generation to be academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders. Luciano Sappia 781-280-3854;

Future Graphic Designers of America (FGDA)

(B) To enrich the experience of students in the Graphic Design Program through community involvement. Joe Eiler; 781-280-3744,; Academic Resources 204.

International Club

(L) Encourages support and communication among students from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Maryanne Mungovan; 978-656-3267;; Cowan Center Ground Floor; and Tooch Van; 978-656-3254;; Cowan Center 3rd Floor.

Latinos Unidos

(L) Members strive to share their various ethnic cultures within the MCC community. They also assist members of their communities interested in entering college. Genevieve Green; 978-656-3457;; Cowan Center Ground Floor.

MCC Fashion Club

MCC Fashion Club brings creative and fashion- forward students to collaborate on ideas and learn more about the fashion industry, career opportunities and colleges to transfer to. Ashli Ree; 781-280-3807;; Henderson Hall.

Middlesex Activities Crew (MAC)

Programs social activities for the entire college. Funmi Oyekunle; 978-656-3394;

MCC's Helping Hands

To provide all MCC students opportunities for volunteer work throughout the city of  Lowell, as well as raising awareness about the importance of volunteer work within the community. Juliet ramirez; 978-656-3457; .

 Multicultural Achievement Peer Program (MAPP)

MAPP seeks to enhance the success and well-being of multicultural students by providing them with persistent and successful peer mentors. Juliet Ramirez; 978-656-3457;

New England Parenteral Drug Association

To provide a local forum for discussion, meetings and information exchange and to promote PDA membership. All majors are welcome to join, especially those in the Health Field and Science industry. Paul Patev; 978-656-3094;


(L) Provides students in the Nursing program an opportunity to provide services to the people in Lowell and surrounding communities. Tina Cormio; 978-656-3043; Middle Street, Derby 406.

Outdoor Adventure

The Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) encourages members of the MCC community to explore the outdoors by engaging in a variety of activities such as, white-water rafting, kayaking, hiking, rock-climbing, sky diving, etc. Donna Corbin; 978-656-3102;; and Carolyn Delehanty 978-656-3393;

Paralegal Student Association

We seek to provide students who are interested in the law with an open forum to discuss current legal issues, explore legal careers, and connect with networking and professional development opportunities. We also support the work of the paralegal program, and serve as the MCC chapter of Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX), the national honor society in paralegal studies. John Espinosa; and Halye Sugarman;

Paul H. Sullivan Leadership Institute

The Institute prepares participants for a smooth and successful transition into becoming leaders in the workforce and community. Fellows are selected annually to participate in an intensive and interactive calendar of workshops and events. Mary-Jo Griffin; 978-656-3164;

Performing Arts

(B/L) Each semester a new company forms to rehearse, build and market a production. Prior experience is not required. Course credit is available for students enrolled in Theater Practice or Play Production. Karen Oster, Advisor; 978-656-3939,; North Academic 216.

Personal Finance and Investment Club

Our mission is to provide our members and the student body with a wide range opportunities to learn about the work of money, investment, and risk management. Robert Kaulfuss; 781-280-3852;; Henderson Hall 117.

Philosophy Club

To enrich our academic experiences through engagement with philosophy.Carlos Brocatto; 781-280-3944; ; Academic Resources.

 Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

MCC's International Honor Society of two year colleges, Alpha Delta Omicron, welcomes students who have completed 24 credits at MCC and have a 3.7 GPA or higher. The organization meets twice a month on alternating campuses and focuses on the hallmarks of leadership, service, knowledge and scholarship. Melissa Welch, 978-656-3363;

Ping Pong Club

It's a fun and exciting environment to come and meet your fellow students and foster friendships, while throwing in a little friendly competition. Come and join us for a game of ping pong! Our meetings will be held on the Bedford Campus. Kathleen Rich; 781-280-3504;; Central Administration 104


(B) Marianne Russell, Advisor; 781-280-3941,; North Academic 116.

Refugee Student Alliance

The mission of the club is to provide students with outreach opportunities to assist with refugee resettlement in and around the Lowell area. The goals of the club are to improve refugee transitions to life in the U.S. and to promote cultural vitality, sensitivity, and awareness in our student body and the larger community. Marieka Brouwer Burg;

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)

Science, Technology Engineering, and Math (B) Margaret Bleichman;
781-280-3825,; Henderson Hall 123and Maria Arambel; 978-656-3126,; Cowan Center, 5th Floor.

S.E.E.D. (Entrepreneurship Club)

The Entrepreneur club at Middlesex Community College aims to promote creativity, innovation, and dynamism through passionate leadership devoted to nurturing students into business owners and leaders through hands-on experimentation and problem solving in a community of fellow student entrepreneurs. Luciano Sappia;


(B/L) Promotes awareness of diversity, sensitivity and visibility of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community at MCC. Max Hallsett; and Carina Self; 978-332-8408;

Student American Dental Hygienists' Association (SADHA)

Student American Dental Hygienists' Association (L) Maureen Strauss; 978-656-3066,; Middle Street, Talbot 515 and Donna Thibodeau; 978-656-3065,; Middle Street, Talbot 507.

Student Union Government Association (SUGA)

SUGA represents the student voice. It works to promote cooperation and collaboration among students, faculty and administration of Middlesex Community College. SUGA, in collaboration with the Student Activities Office, also sponsors student efforts to plan and promote programs and events for the campus community that offer social, cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities. Melissa Welch; 978-656-3363;


Promotes a culture of environmental responsibility on campus and throughout the community. Michael Cermak;


(B/L) Provides information and support for Veterans, service members and their families through social activities. Rick Repucci; 781-280-3510;

Women's Leadership Network

Promotes and examines women in leadership. Supports members in developing their leadership skills and explores leadership issues. Open to all students. Pat Demaras; 978-656-3256; and Cathleen McCarron; 781-280-3926;


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