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Violin presentationLuis Leguia, emeritus member of the Boston Symphony and inventor and producer of carbon-fiber instruments, presents a carbon-fiber violin and bow to President Mabry. Also present at the ceremony Dean Matthew Olson, Professor Carmen Rodriguez-Peralta, Dean Dona Cady, Mrs. Stephanie Leguia, Luis Leguia, Professor Johannah Segarich, President Mabry, Dean Dennis Malvers.
H.E. Bong Sovath and Dona Cady H.E. Bong Sovath and Dona Cady

At the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA), MCC Dean Dona Cady presents Luis and Clark carbon-fiber violin to in-country host Rithyravuth Hang, Dean of the Faculty of Music at RUFA and the Rector of RUFA, H.E Bong Sovath.  The presentation was followed by a concert of traditional Cambodian and Western music where one RUFA student played the gifted violin.  The event was followed by a music centered language instruction with students.  This presentation was made possible through the generosity of donors to ​Strings for Cambodia. 

 Student with Violin  Student playing the violin
Photo of Dona Cady, Johanna Segarich, Carmen Peralta
Rice paddy in Cambodia People working in rice paddy in Cambodia
Man playing flute in cambodia Temple in cambodia
Photo of cambodian children Photo students in cambodia
Man playing string instrument Cambodia Music classroom in Cambodia
Cambodian fishing boat Cleaning fish in cambodia
Men playing string instruments Cambodia Group playing traditional Cambodian instruments
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