Strings for Cambodia Events

Past Events:

Farewell Concert for Johannah Segarich and Benefit for Strings for Cambodia

3 p.m. • Sunday, April 17 • MCC Concert Hall • Bedford Campus

Longtime MCC Music faculty member and Project Coordinator for Strings for Cambodia, mezzo-soprano Johannah Segarich, is retiring in July, and this will be her last performance at the college. She will be joined by several MCC faculty members and friends, including Anna Ward and Susan Dill, Carmen Rodriguez-Peralta piano;  Orlando Cela, flute; Nabil Ata, 'ud and Renée Delgado, cello for a concert featuring both vocal and instrumental music.                

Donations for Strings for Cambodia will be accepted

Cambodian Music featuring Master Song Heng  

3 p.m. • Saturday, April 30 Federal Building, Assembly Room • Lowell Campus

Song Heng, a master Cambodian musician, is devoted to keeping traditional Cambodian music alive both by teaching and performing.  He plays many instruments of the classical Khmer pin peat ensemble and will demonstrate and perform on several, including the roneat ek, a xylophone, and kong, a circle of bronze gongs.                                    


 Co-sponsored by MCC's Interdisciplinary Weekend: South East Asia, Spring 2016

MCC Faculty Recital

8 p.m. • Friday, November 22 • MCC Concert Hall • Bedford campus 

Mark Berger, violin/viola • Adam Levin, guitar • Carmen Rodriguez-Peralta, piano • Anna Ward, soprano

A colorful program of solos, duos and trios by Astor Piazzolla, Franz Schubert, Eduardo Morales-Caso, Lorenzo Palomo and Samuel Barber was performed by MCC faculty members.



Chamber Music for Piano & Strings

3 p.m. Sunday, June 23, MCC Concert Hall (Building 6)  Bedford campus

MCC faculty member Carmen Rodríguez-Peralta, piano and Mark Berger, viola were joined by John Holland, violin and Renée Delgado, cello to perform a program featuring the Piano Quartet in E flat Major by Robert Schumann, as well as short duos and trios.


Cambodian Music: Traditional & Classical 3 p.m.  Saturday, April 21, 2012  MCC Concert Hall (Building 6)  Bedford campus

A variety of traditional Cambodian music was performed by noted Cambodian percussionist Kimhan Meas. In addition, MCC faculty members Mark Berger, viola, and Carmen Rodríguez-Peralta, piano, played solos by classically trained Cambodian composer Chinary Ung, which were inspired by his homeland. Middlesex faculty member Johannah Segarich provided commentary.

Co-sponsored by Interdisciplinary Weekend, Connections Across Asia.


Ryu Goto, Violin and Carmen Rodríguez-Peralta, Piano   3 p.m. • Sunday, October 16, 2011  MCC Concer t Hall, Bedford Campus

The young, internationally acclaimed Japanese-American violinist has performed throughout Asia and the United States. After hearing him, the noted conductor Lorin Maazel claimed that Ryu Goto is “... a sterling violinist with impeccable technical credentials and a personal musical flair. He has rightfully taken his place among the top echelon of today's young performers.”


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