Activity 1. Introduce new or enhanced stackable and latticed career pathway STEM certificate or degree program(s) aligned with workforce needs, job opportunities and industry recognized certifications.

To fulfill this goal, Middlesex is designing the programs listed below, each of which is part of a career pathway that enables the student to begin work with the certificate, continue on to an associate degree and then transfer to a four-year university. Designed with the input of employers and Advisory Boards, the programs are designed to prepare students to meet workforce needs. More information about each program can be found by clicking on the link.

A.S. Digital Forensics – Degree (To begin September 2017)

Digital Forensics – Certificate

Engineering Technology – Precision Manufacturing Certificate (To begin September 2017)

IT Cybersecurity Entry - Level Certificate


Cybersecurity Lab

Cybersecurity LabStudents enrolled in Cybersecurity programs will complete courses in a new state-of-the-art Cybersecurity Lab that opened in fall 2016 in the Pollard Building in Lowell. Featuring two classrooms, each with 18 computer stations, the lab features CISCO Networking and Security System bundles, VMWare, and NetLab. Courses prepare students to meet workforce system demands for well trained professionals who can ensure the security of computer networks and systems.

The CISCO Networking and Security bundles support instruction of students in developing, installing and programming complex network systems. Students are able to build, rebuild, repair, troubleshoot and program network security systems. They will be prepared to take examinations to become CISCO Certified Network Associate I and II (CCNT 1001). They will also be prepared to take the exam for CISCO CCNA Security Certification. All three certifications are highly recognized industry certifications.

VMware allows faculty to set up many different virtual machines with different operating systems in a virtual environment. The systems mirror those that students will experience in the external work environment. The VMware cloud-based, on-demand, multi-platform lab environment enables students to work with a variety of operating systems set up by the instructor to practice skills learned in class in preparation for applying these skills in an operational environment.

NETLab is a remote and local access solution that allows the MCC Cybersecurity Lab to host real IT equipment, virtual machines and a wide variety of curriculum content options. NETLab supports students in building a network, securing the environment, mitigating threats and ethically hacking for testing purposes.

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