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MCC Faculty member Jill Keller is conducting a survey on retention in Basic Writing courses for the Humanities Division.

Jan Arabas from the Art Department recently presented her Drawing Study to adjuncts as part of the 2010 Program Review.

Now Presenting Now in Print features the work of MCC Carnegie members Donna Dufy, Marie Ryder, James Dottin, Binnur Ercem and Jill Keller.


Teaching Drawing: An Interview Study by Jan Arabas

Toward a Culture of Assessment by Elise Martin

Critical Decision Points in the Design of Online Collaboration by Matthew Olson

Does the Inclusion of Soft Skill Training in a Technical Workforce Development Program Effect Student Motivation? by Bob Bowles

Course Portfolio for Principles of Correction by Lynda Pintrich

Problem-based Learning in Histology: Are Understanding and Motivation Enhanced? by Kathleen Sweeney

Piaget Comes Alive: The Games of Learning by Sandi Regan

The Big Picture: Engaging Student Learners by Dona Cady

The Use of Media Can Enhance Students' Motivation by Phyllis Gleason

Authenticity and Real Learning in the Writing Classroom by Stan Hitron

Advancing Student Success with Competency Points by Jill Keller

Electronic Communication in a Basic Writing Classroom: What do Students Gain? by Thomas Laughlin

The Benefits for Faculty Teaching in Online and F2F Environments by Cathy McCarron and Alicia Russell

Using Case Studies to Engage Students in Science by Jessie Klein

Study Guides as a Tool for Better Understanding by Paul V. Patev

The Effect of Collaborative Intervention Techniques on Course Completion Rates in Algebra by Hayat Weiss

A Stigma-Free Mental Health Force: A Possibility? by Marie Ryder

Resilience as a Path to Integration in an Abnormal Psychology Course by Donna Killian Duffy

Hearing Students Voices: What, How, and from Whom Do They Want to Learn? by Binnur Ercem

Reflections of a Community College Educator by Bob Fera

The Development of a Motivation Based College Course by Don Margulis


Binnur Ercem explores the responses of community college students to the question, “What knowledge or skills will students need to be effective citizens of our world in the future?” Her article, Hearing Student's Voices: What, How, and from Whom Do They Want to Learn? appears in the National Teaching and Learning Forum.

Creating a Community of Practice to Support Technical Innovation in Instruction (Community College Journal) by Dona Cady, David Kalivas, Don Margulis, and Matthew Olson. The authors provide a model for establishing a community of practice around technology innovation. Phyllis Gleason’s article, Creative Tension: Sheparding the Evolution of a Community of Practice appears in the May 2008 issue of The International Commons, the newsletter of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
A Change magazine article addresses the unique issues of the scholarship of teaching and learning at community colleges: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at the Two Year College


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