Paddling Faster than the Current

Paddling Faster than the Current, directed by filmmaker Rose Carlson, portrays the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) program at Middlesex Community College. Three faculty members describe their projects and discuss how participation in the CASTL program has influenced their thinking about student learning.
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Describing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
The introduction provides an overview of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and describes how SoTL work has been woven into our college during the past ten years.
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Reading the River: The Millennial Student
Using Virtual Realities in Teaching and Learning
Don Margulis, Professor of Psychology, discusses the value of incorporating virtual worlds into the classroom and frames a context for understanding the millennial student.
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Readying the Boat: Creating Independent Learners
Cultivating Independence Preparing Beginning Writers
Professor of English, Denise Marchionda, shares her point by point system for helping students in developmental writing classes become more independent learners.
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Alluvial Listening: Service-learning
Engaging Chemistry Students
Sally Quast, Professor of Chemistry, describes how she has used service-learning to engage students in her chemistry class and to create interest for women in science. She explains the service-learning project with Girls, Inc. and reflects on how the project changed following discussions with colleagues in the MCC Carnegie group.
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Last Modified: 6/10/16