Donna Killian Duffy

Resilience as a Path to Integration in an Abnormal Psychology Course

Resilience was used as a generative topic to reorganize a course in Abnormal Psychology. Students engaged in service-learning in the community and those involved in more traditional assignments interacted in group projects to integrate course content and community experiences. Students explored how individuals develop resilience in difficult situations and how communities create settings that help to foster resilience.

The project was published as chapters in two volumes:
Duffy, D. K. (2004). Service-learning, resilience and community: The challenges of authentic assessment. In D. S. Dunn, J. S. Halonen, & C. Mehrotra (Eds.). Measuring up: Challenges and practices for psychology. Washington, DC: APA.

Duffy, D. K. (2000). Resilient students, resilient communities. In P. Hutchings (Ed.), Opening lines: Approaches to the scholarship of teaching and learning (pp. 23-30). Menlo Park, CA: Carnegie Publications.

Click here for the PDF from Opening Lines (Duffy, 2000).


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