MCC Smoke-Free Policy: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did we become a smoke-free campus?

A:  Middlesex Community College is committed to creating and providing a safe and healthy educational environment for all those who study, work and visit its campuses. The United States Surgeon General has determined that tobacco smoking is the nation’s leading preventable cause of premature death and disability. Tobacco smoke is hazardous to the health of smokers and non-smokers alike. To promote a safe and healthful learning and working environment, MCC has adopted new standards to encourage smokers to reduce or eliminate their use of tobacco, and to protect non-smokers from exposure to tobacco smoke.


Q: What areas of campus will the smoke-free policy cover?

A: The smoke-free policy applies to all MCC campuses and all property owned or maintained by the college, including indoor facilities, campus grounds, walkways and parking lots. Download a copy of the  Smoke-Free Zone maps [PDF]


Q: Is there a clear, defined designated smoking area for students, employees and visitors?

A: No. Providing a place to smoke does not support the college’s goal to create a healthier environment.


Q: What about smoking on sidewalks on and around campus?

A: Middlesex Community College has no jurisdiction over the use of city owned streets, sidewalks and right-of ways. However, many streets and adjacent sidewalks on the campus are college property.


Q: What about MCC’s neighbors?

A: MCC asks our students and employees to help maintain a positive relationship with our neighbors. Smoking off campus does not give anyone the right to litter on private or public property. MCC’s neighbors will be informed about our new smoke-free policy and will be encouraged to contact the university should problems arise.


Q: Isn’t smoking a personal, legal right?

A: Court rulings maintain that tobacco users do not have the legal right to expose others to secondhand smoke, which is a Class A carcinogen, and they are not entitled to protection against discrimination as “addicts” or as “disabled persons.”


Q: Will there be an impact on enrollment when a campus goes smoke-free?

A: Studies indicate that colleges and universities that have initiated a smoke-free policy on their campuses have not experienced a decline in enrollment.  It is anticipated that the promotion of MCC as an active, vibrant, healthy campus community will increase the interest in college enrollment.


*Adapted from Salem State University’s Frequently Asked Questions regarding their tobacco-free campus policy. 





Last Modified: 3/20/18