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On November 21, 2013, MCC will join the 1,177 colleges and universities nationwide that have implemented a smoke-free environment.

Benefits of Being Smoke Free

Middlesex Community College is committed to creating and providing a safe and healthy educational environment for all those who study, work and visit its campuses.

At MCC, we believe a smoke-free policy is an important investment in our students' health and their promising futures. In addition, a smoke-free campus creates a more pleasing and welcoming environment that is safer from fires, and environmentally sustainable.

MCC understands the process of achieving a 100 percent smoke-free environment will take time and patience.  

The college is committed to encouraging and assisting students and staff to quit smoking by offering a variety of resources and support systems. We invite you to use these resources and join us in helping you live, work and feel healthier.

     Give Up Smoking         Breathe Easy at MCC

Last Modified: 3/20/18