Murkland Elementary School

Murkland Elementary School serves preK-4th grade students. Murkland expects the best out of their students. Each and every day, Murkland aims to provide their students with the best education they can get. The goal is to have each student reach high scores in reading, writing, and problem solving.


Previous projects:

  • Individual service-learning


Identified areas of collaborative projects:

  • Experiential STEM activities
  • Tutoring and Homework Club
  • Dance and music activities
  • Fine arts opportunities
  • Video project (focused on a daily school day for parents)
  • More Common CORE activities
  • Presentations on non-school subjects (Fitness, Dental Care, Cooking, etc)


Other link:

Common Core  (Mass State Curriculum Frameworks)

Service-Learning form

 If you are interested in serving or adding a project, please fill out the Service-Learning form.

Murkland contact info: Prinicipal Jason DiCarlo  Email: Phone: 978-937-2826

Last Modified: 9/19/16