Lowell Public School Initiative

In a new initiative to increase student success, Middlesex Community College Service-Learning Department has partnered with AmeriCorps Campus Compact and Lowell Public Schools (LPS) to learn about areas in which students would benefit from LHS teachers and staff working with MCC faculty and staff on student-focused projects. In the past MCC has collaborated with the LPS through individual service-learning, and this new initiative aims to strengthen the partnership with LPS and increase project-based service-learning in the schools. The MCC/LPS collaboration will stretch across many curriculum areas with the goal being to help all students meet their respective student learning outcomes.

So why Service-Learning? Service-Learning aims to

  1. enrich students' educational opportunities
  2. meet community needs
  3. foster civic responsibility throughout the college and the community at large by integrating service and action into the academic curriculum and throughout the student experience. 

MCC students are encouraged to get involved in the community to address identified needs through various individual service-learning and class-based projects. These activities

  1. integrate community service with classroom instruction to meet identified needs
  2. address unmet community needs while drawing on the values and desired learning outcomes – such as critical, reflective thinking and civic responsibility – each student should possess.
  3. forge unique collaborations between faculty, staff, students and our community partners that are critical to supporting student success.

We encourage those who are interested in getting involved, please begin here. Follow these links if you want to get more information on the schools: Elementary, Middle, and High schools. In addition, we welcome any new ideas or projects that would increase student success and build globally competitive students for the 21st century.

Last Modified: 9/19/16