High school

Lowell High is the local high school in downtown Lowell. The high school serves from 9th to 12th grade students. They focus on preparing their students for college and life after high school. The high school offers an array of courses and an accelerated program for students collaborating with Middlesex Community College.

In an effort to strengthen the partnership, AmeriCorps awarded Middlesex Community College a year-long grant to collaborate with Lowell public schools to design projects to meet student learning outcomes. In addition, MCC received an AmeriCorps Campus Compact Vista to help identify needs within the schools. Conversations occurred with school personnel about ways to support MCC and LPS students' academic success.  From these conversations, many areas for collaboration were identified such as mentoring, tutoring in STEM, supporting the arts, college readiness activities or events, and afterschool assistance.

Lowell High


If you are interested in being involved in projects that serve the Lowell High School, please fill out the Service-Learning form on the high school school page. Please click on the arrow by the high school tab to get more information on Lowell High school. In addition, you can email the Director of Civic and Service-Learning, Shana Berger, at bergers@middlesex.mass.edu.

Last Modified: 9/19/16