Spring 2015 Service-Learning Calendar

January 20: Classes Begin

January 20 - January 29: Classroom presentations on Service-Learning

January 20 - February 6: Students choose and contact their desired sites, register on SLPro, and prepare for their first day of service

February 9 - February 13: Students begin working at their placements and get their contracts completed

February 20:  Contracts due to the Service-Learning Office

April 20: Student Evaluations are sent out to Site Supervisors

April 27 - May 1: Students complete their service-learning hours and return their time sheets to the Service-Learning Office

May 8: Classes End


Your Friendly Contact Person:

Josselyn Porter
Coordinator of Service-Learning
Lowell (LC)- 5th Floor, Office #21
E-mail: porterj@middlesex.mass.edu
Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9:30-2:00

Last Modified: 1/16/15