Spring 2016 Service-Learning Calendar

January 25:  Classes Begin

February 1 – February 12: Faculty or service-learning staff conduct classroom service-learning presentations

February 1 – February 12: Students choose and contact their desired sites, register on SLPro, and prepare for their first day of service

February 15 – February 19:  Students begin working at their placements and complete their Service-Learning Contracts

February 24: Students submit Service-Learning Contracts to the Service-Learning Department

April 27: Service-Learning Department sends Student Evaluations to Community Partner Supervisors

May 9:  Students complete their service-learning hours and submit their Time Report to the Service-Learning Department. Community Partner Supervisors submit Student Evaluations to the Service-Learning Department.

May 16: Classes End

Leah Pronovost, Coordinator of Service-Learning
Lowell City Building, 5th Floor, Office #21
(978) 656-3462



Last Modified: 6/10/16