Spring 2017 Service-Learning Calendar

January 23 Classes begin
January 30 - February 3 Service-Learning staff conduct information sessions on the Service-Learning process how to use the GivePulse database
February 6 - February 27 Students choose and contact their sites, complete their S-L Contract, register on the GivePulse database, and prepare for their first day of service
February 28 Students submit their contract to the Service-Learning office* Contracts can be turned in before 2/28.
The sooner you start at your site, the better!!!
March 1 - May 12 Students complete their hours and log their hours into the GivePulse database. Hours must be verified by your site supervisor in the database.

***You can begin your hours before March 1. Keep in mind that winter weather could cause school and nonprofit closings. So begin promptly.***
May 1

The Student Evaluation form for community partner supervisors to complete will be emailed

May 12

Students complete their Service-Learning hours and submit their Verification of Service-Learning Hours letter to the Service-Learning office and to their faculty member*

May 12

Community partner supervisors submit student evaluations to the Service-Learning office.

May 8 - 13 Classes end
May 15 - 18 Final Exams

*Forms can be emailed to Leah Pronovost at civiclearning@middlesex.mass.edu or they can be dropped off in the Pollard Building, room 312 (Lowell) or to Maryann Sullivan in the Academic Resources building, room 113 (Bedford).*
Last Modified: 4/24/17