Bartlett Community Patnership School

Bartlett Community School serves preK-8th grade students. The school aims to send their students to high school prepared for the rigors of 9th grade coursework. For the coming fall, the Middlesex Community College Service-Learning/Bartlett School Partnership will focus on collaborating on STEM programming in the individual classes at the Bartlett School, the afterschool program, and in some instances bring K-8 students to the labs at MCC. The intended impact of the partnership is an increase in scientific thinking, a greater proficiency in science and related STEM fields and an end of the year science fair. 



Previous projects:

  • Individual service-learning



Identified areas of collaborative projects:

  • STEM activities



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Common Core (Mass State Curriculum Frameworks)

Service-Learning form

 If you are interested in serving or adding a project, please fill out the Service-Learning form.

Bartlett contact info: Principal Dr. Grace Wai Email: Phone: 978-937-8968

Last Modified: 9/19/16