Reformed Curriculum

Reformed curriculum focuses on the design of developmental and college courses embedded with Core Student Success Skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, organization and self-assessment).  Faculty and staff design teams are designing, piloting, and implementing Gateway and Explorations courses and Learning Communities to integrate the core student success skills. Skills are also being scaffolded from developmental to college-level courses. A total of 35 courses will be designed or revised.

Learning Communities are one of the most effective instructional models to emerge in the past decade. In a learning community students explore a subject from a cross-disciplinary perspective. A total of 10 learning communities will be developed through Title III activities with additional learning communities supported through college resources.

An essential part of the MCC Title III Curriculum Reform project (2007-2012) has been the creation by faculty of Curriculum Guides which reflect successful practices and provide teaching and learning strategies for both new and experienced faculty.

The links below are to PDF copies to our collection of OER (Open Education Resource) curriculum guides.

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