Proposal Requirements

  • The description of your project or planned activity must be clear, complete and carefully written. The length of the description should be between 1 and 3 paragraphs. 
  • Be specific about the purpose of your project, how it relates to the College Strategic Directions, and what you expect to gain from it, particularly aspects of the experience most applicable and valuable to your teaching or work area and to the College.
  • If you are requesting support to enroll in a course, state explicitly how it relates to your professional development goals.
  • Requests for expenses should be itemized and corroborated.
  • Adequate documentation (brochures or other descriptive information materials to provide details and corroborate costs) should be forwarded to Wendy Khadjikian, Trustees House 204, Bedford Campus, ext 3661.
  • In cases where two or more faculty or staff members request funding to attend the same conference, each person is required to submit a separate proposal.
  • Meals for a one-day conference and side trips offered as added attractions are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • The proposal is submitted before the activity takes place, or within one week of the start date of a course.
  • Your follow-up reports for any previously funded professional development projects were submitted as required.

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Last Modified: 3/20/18