Professional Development Proposal Application 2015-2016

In- and Out-of-State Travel to Conferences and Workshops

Limited funding of up to $750 is available for travel to conferences and workshops related to the College's Strategic Planning Directions, also reimbursement for meals is generally not awarded for one- day conferences:

  • Improve access and advance student success by strengthening evidence-based practices and resource allocation
  • Transform learning by integrating academic, workplace and global experiences to meet personal, professional and community needs
  • Drive innovation, enrich community and broaden the learning experience for all by fulfilling our shared responsibility for diversity
  • Empower all members of the college community to be educators, mentors, advocates, entrepreneurs and lifelong learners
  • Foster greater college engagement through improved communications and collaborative partnerships
  • Build partnerships that stimulate innovation and address the educational, social, economic, and workforce development needs of our communities

If you are interested in attending a conference or workshop that relates specifically to one of these strategic directions, please submit the on-line faculty/staff application. This application will be reviewed by the Office of Professional and Instructional Development and the Staff Development Committee. In order to maximize the impact of faculty/staff attendance at these conferences and/or workshops, participants will be asked to provide a brief presentation to appropriate faculty and staff through such venues as division/department meetings, Professional Day workshop, or Teaching, Learning and Reflection Center Workshop.

Other Travel for Conferences, Presentations and Student Events

Conference Presentations:   Faculty asked to present at a conference should complete the on-line travel application form, which will be reviewed by Office of Professional and Instructional Development staff and then submitted to the Provost and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs for final approval. Final determination will be based on the relationship of the presentation to the Strategic Planning Directions.

Accompanying Students to Special Events or Conferences:   For some programs, students participate in special conferences and faculty must accompany them. Please submit the on-line application form for funding this travel expense.

If you have questions, please contact Peter Shea at ext. 3561.


Last Modified: 9/18/19