All-College Professional Day (Fall 2018)

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Prof Day 18 Agenda

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jon Landis, Apple Education
Dr. Jon Landis is part of Apple’s International Education team, working with school leaders to leverage technology to transform learning. Prior to Apple, Dr. Landis served as a college of education professor, chemistry teacher, school principal, curriculum director and information technology director. He holds a Ph.D in Sociology, a Masters in Education Leadership, and a BS in Chemistry.

Keynote topic: "Raising the Bar for Learning"
How do we help our students learn today and prepare them for a rapidly changing world? A driving force behind this change is technology. It affects the way we communicate, the way we work, the way we live day to day. It also empowers every individual—and every learner—to create amazing things and make a difference in the world. But first, we need to raise the bar for what’s expected, and what’s possible, for learning with technology.

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