All-College Spring 2014 Professional Day

All-College Spring 2014 Professional Day

“Our Inner Resources- Closing the Achievement Gap: Promoting Success through Inclusive Practices”

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. - Lowell

LOCATION: UMass Lowell Inn and Conference Center and MCC's Lowell Campus

Online registration for Professional Day closes at 8 pm on Thursday, March 27th.


If you have not registered, go to the Registration Desk at the conference center on the morning of Profession Day.

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Our ambition is to highlight and share knowledge about best practices that promote Success for all students.  

With that goal in mind, the Day is intended  for us to share expertise and strategies,  percolate new ideas,  and promote critical thinking.  We know that there is a lot of great working happening on campus to support student success and engagement.   We also know that keeping our workforce engaged is an essential ingredient for student success.  

The request for proposal Presentations fall into one of the following five categories:

1.Community Building – Practices that help build and/or foster a sense of belonging to the college community.  These may include efforts that provide opportunities for meaningful cross-cultural engagement as well as promote a sense of shared responsibility for student success, diversity assessment strategies, civic engagement, retention strategies, mentoring, etc.
2. Inclusive Pedagogies – Knowledge of high impact practices used by faculty and staff to create inclusive classrooms and co-curricular learning experiences that promote student success.  These include practices that provide opportunities for students to learn about their cultural communities via the curriculum or co-curricular opportunities, universal design, community service, etc.  
3. Power of Stories – Practices that leverage the expression of personal stories as a strategy to promote a climate of success and inclusion for participants and promote cross-cultural learning.  This may also include work in writing, literature, studio art, theatre and music.  
4. Intercultural Conversations – Strategies that focus on how to have constructive conversations about difficult or polarizing topics in the classroom, in the office or on the telephone.   This may include proactive conversational approaches versus reactive ones.
5. Employee Engagement – Focuses on inclusive practices that promote employee engagement in the workplace.  Possible topics include intrinsic rewards of work, appreciation, on-boarding programs, exploring how each individual role connects to our mission, the Vision Project and understanding performance funding, etc.

Our keynote speaker is Dr. Becky Wai-Ling Packard of Mount Holyoke. Dr.  Packard is a professor of psychology and education and is the Director of the Weissman Center for Leadership and the Liberal Arts. At the Weissman Center, she oversees all activities such as student leadership programming and public events, and she is responsible for Teaching and Learning Initiatives including new faculty mentoring. She is interested in the intersection of motivation, identity, and mentoring. She aims, she says, "to understand how young people without easily identifiable role models and mentors in career domains manage to find the mentoring they need and sustain their desired possible selves, or who they hope to become in the future."


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