Professional Day Fall 2015 (Tuesday, November 3, 2015)

Registration for our fall 2015 Professional Day is now open. There are two different registration forms--one for faculty and one for staff, based on their different tracks for this day.

The faculty track begins at 8:15 am at the UML ICC next to our Lowell campus.

The staff track begins at  9:45 a.m. with coffee & light refreshments at Lowell Campus, Cowan Center-Upper Cafe.

Both faculty and staff will be served lunch at noon in the UML-ICC.

Please choose the registration form most appropriate for yourself. (Agendas for each track are on the registration forms.)

Faculty Track Registration Form

Staff Track Registration Form

You will receive an e-mail confirmation. Please remember to save it and print it out for the day since we will not be doing a traditional registration for this day.

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