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Book Orders/Bookstore

The bookstores are located at the Campus Center in Bedford and at the Derby Building, 88 Middle Street, in Lowell. Faculty may request current edition textbooks, software, and supplies for use as course materials. Meeting deadline dates for submitting textbook orders ensures that the books will be available at the Bedford or Lowell bookstore when needed.

Each division dean's secretary provides faculty with book order forms. Faculty are then responsible for communicating book requests to the bookstore. All textbook requests are processed at the Bedford bookstore and must be submitted in writing. The Book Order form is available on the MCC Portal under Resources for Faculty and is automatically copied to the division secretary. Faculty are encouraged to confirm that their books are in stock at their campus bookstore before classes begin and to advise their students to buy their books early, since the bookstore returns unsold books by mid-semester. Both bookstores are only open until 1:00 PM the first two weeks of classes.

Bookstore phone numbers: Bedford, 781-276-4210; Lowell, 978-322-8323.

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Desk Copies

Most publishers will send faculty a free desk copy for each text they adopt. Desk copies should be ordered directly from the publisher using a form available from the division dean’s secretary. Many publishers accept telephone orders for desk copies. Accepting and retaining for personal use desk copies of textbooks not adopted is in violation of the state ethics laws. The bookstore does not provide desk copies to faculty without express permission from the division dean.

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Computers- Equipment and Use (Helpdesk 978-656-3301)

The MCC College-wide Statement of Policy on Computer Usage is published in the Academic Catalog and the Student Handbook.

Acquisition and Software License Rules

Faculty and staff requests for office PCs or software should be directed to their division deans or department heads.

Several software packages are available on computers throughout the college. We are obliged to abide by copyright laws. Unless otherwise stated, one piece of software is licensed to one piece of equipment. Users may only duplicate the program to make a backup or working copy. Ownership of the software package may be transferred from one computer to another, provided there are no copies of the software package remaining on the original computer.

Some software packages are purchased with a site license, which states how many computers may use it. The computer lab coordinators can provide additional information about MCC's site licenses.

MCC Technology Center staff is not allowed to copy software for faculty. To do so is a violation of copyright law.

Computer Classrooms and Computer Training

Each campus has a number of classrooms equipped with computers, which are used for regularly scheduled classes. Some computer classrooms are equipped with Apple Macintosh computers; the others have Windows-based PC’s.

During hours when these rooms are free, faculty who want to integrate computer use into their courses can arrange time to provide students (and themselves) with computer training and practice by reserving a room at 781-280-3226.

Computer Labs

The Computer Labs are available on both campuses for faculty and students' course-related activities. Word processing, spreadsheet, and database software are available. Email and full Internet access are also available. Lab assistants are available to assist faculty and students as needed. Hours may vary slightly from semester to semester, but are typically Monday – Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.; Friday - 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; and Saturday - 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Technology Center Help Desk is available Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. at 978-656-3301. Technical staff is available to assist faculty and staff in setting up email and other accounts, resetting passwords, and troubleshooting computer problems.

Smart-Stations are mobile carts that contain a state of the art PC, color printer, color scanner, projector, and network connection. They can be used in traditional classrooms to run a presentation with PowerPoint, to access the Internet to enhance your lecture, or to play instructional CD-ROMS. They are available to reserve on all campuses by calling the Help Desk at 978-656-3301 or submitting a request online.

Internet and E-mail

Middlesex is connected to the Internet. For information and request forms see the Technology Center Services Homepage. The MCC e-mail address is

Student access to the Internet and e-mail accounts is available at the computer labs and libraries.

Telephone System

Phone extensions can be dialed directly from outside the college without going through a main number, e.g., 781-280-xxxx for Bedford and 978-656-xxxx for Lowell, replacing the xxxx with the designated four-digit extension. Outside callers can also reach a campus extension by dialing the main telephone number and requesting an individual’s extension. Our phone system incorporates Voice Mail messaging and campus news postings, as well as other specialized communications. Limited quantities of phantom voice mailboxes that do not ring at any phone and are for messages only are available to faculty. These mailboxes are accessible from any touch-tone phone and provide a way for students to leave messages for faculty if they do not want to give out a home or other office number. To request one of these boxes, please submit a request through your division dean.

Faculty and staff long distance calls must be placed and logged by the switchboard operator. Personal long distance calls are not allowed.

E-mail, Voice Mail, and Network Access

All faculty and staff can request an account for e-mail, telephone, voicemail, and network access. Request forms are available on the Technology Center Services website and must be approved by your division dean.

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Photocopying of Class Materials

Staffed Copy Centers

Faculty may drop off and pick up work themselves for a 1-2 day turn-around, or allow at least one week turn-around for materials sent and returned through interdepartmental mail.

Photocopy request forms, available from faculty secretaries, at the copy centers, and on the MCC Intranet must be attached to each request.

It is recommended that faculty use the staffed copy centers to the extent possible.

Lowell evening faculty should check at the Cowan Center reception desk regarding photocopier access. Bedford evening faculty should check with evening secretary located HH, rm. 304.

  • Faculty secretaries can assist with providing photocopy access codes and supplies, such as paper or toner, or with simple machine malfunction, such as paper jams.
  • Please notify the faculty secretary if a problem occurs with the copier.
  • Students are not permitted to use photocopiers reserved for faculty. Coin-operated copying machines are located in each library for student use.


NA-Bldg. 6, Basement
7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Thursday
7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday

Bedford Copy Center will be open additional hours as needed during peak times (semester start and exams).


Cowan Center Building, 2nd floor,
Monday-Thursday, 7:30 - 9 p.m.,
Friday, 7:30 - 3 p.m.

Photocopiers available for faculty use: (small copy jobs – maximum 30 single copies)

HH-Bldg. 3, 2nd and 3rd floors
BH-Bldg. 5, Room 104
AR-Bldg. 1, Room 115
NA-Bldg. 6, Copy Center

Cowan Center, 2nd floor
Cowan Center, 5th floor
Derby, 4th floor
Talbot, 5th floor, Room 518

Media Services

The Technology Center provides a range of media services to the College community. Equipment services are available to faculty, staff, and administrators through the Equipment Request Form located on the Technology Center Services site. Many rooms on campus are already equipped with technology items such as a PC, data projector, TV/VCR/DVD, and the like. Faculty may check what equipment is in their classroom by going to the Classroom Technology Information web page.

Classroom support includes

Delivery and set-up of media equipment, as needed, for classroom, student government activities, and other special academic and administrative needs. Please allow at least 3 days notice.

Basic training in equipment operation as well as how to make better use of college owned media technologies in the classroom and for special events.

Coordination of the maintenance and repair of college-owned media equipment.

Procedures for Requesting Equipment and Services

To submit electronic requests for equipment or special events, a valid network account is required.

Services for classes require 48 business hours advance notice.

For evening and summer classes, community and special programs and seminars, submit requests one week in advance.

Requests for equipment or services for special events must be made two weeks before the event.

Media Services Extension Help desk: 978-656-3301

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Secretarial Support Guidelines

In buildings where classes are held, secretaries assist faculty with typing and copying needs on a first-come, first-served basis. Lead-time for completion of a job will vary, depending on the volume of faculty requests, the amount of work required for a given project, and timing during a semester. Peak periods occur during mid-term and final exams. A minimum of two full days is required for any job; five days is optimum for preparation of quizzes, tests, and projects needing extra time and attention. All material must be in final form when it is given to a faculty secretary.

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Supplies can be requested from faculty secretaries. For items that are not on hand, they will provide a request for supplies form. Complete the form with the correct stock number, quantity, and description of items, and send it to the division dean or department head. Supplies are issued and delivered by the Facilities Management department.

Requests for money to pay guest speakers, rent films, purchase materials, etc. must be sent to your division dean. Please clear requests with your dean or program coordinator before making a purchase.

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Key Requests

Requests for keys to offices and/or classrooms, which usually are kept locked, must be signed by the division dean or department head and submitted to the Facilities Office at the Bedford or Lowell campus. Faculty secretaries will have the request form available.

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There are faculty mailrooms at each campus in each building. For more information about mail or mailboxes, see Appendix C.

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A faculty/staff sticker is REQUIRED to park in designated lots. Applications are available at the Forms Catalog, from faculty/department secretaries, or by calling 781-280-3519 (Bedford) or 978-656-3106 (Lowell). On evenings and Saturdays in Lowell, applications may be obtained at the Reception Desk in the lobby of the Cowan Center Building. Please interoffice Bedford applications to Room 212, Bldg.-10 and Lowell applications to Cowan Center Campus, 5th floor, cube 8. In Bedford, we suggest that faculty park in Lot B behind HH-Bldg.3; in the lot behind the CC-Bldg. 8; in the lot by NA-Bldg. 6; or the lot by SA-Bldg. 7.

In Lowell, faculty may park in the Lower Locks Parking Garage (by the DoubleTree Hotel), the John Street Parking Garage, or the Roy Parking Garage on Market Street near the Derby and Talbot buildings during the day. In the evening, you may also park in the lot in front of the Cowan Center on a space available basis. Parking in the garages is free if you have a current faculty sticker and validate your parking ticket at the front desk in the Cowan Center, Federal, Talbot, and Derby buildings. For Parking Violations, contact John Lyons at 781-280-3528 or Nancy Walsh at 781-280-3529.

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Academic Advising

Students taking evening, weekend, or summer classes only are not assigned faculty advisors; they should contact the Academic Planning Centers for assistance with scheduling and planning. All day students are assigned an advisor and should be encouraged to use that resource.

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Academic Planning Centers

The Academic Planning Centers on the Bedford and Lowell Campus are designed to support and help students plan their academic programs. Information about educational options, admission to selective programs, major and course selections, financial aid counseling, graduation requirements, transfer to baccalaureate degree programs, and college policies and procedures are provided to help each student plan an individual academic program that is consistent with his/her individual needs, abilities and goals.

It is especially important that students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university consult Academic Planning Center staff for assistance with the transfer process. Students can obtain information about transfer procedures, course transferability, the Joint Admission and Tuition Advantage programs, special transfer opportunities with private and public four-year colleges, and scholarship opportunities.

Academic Planning Centers are open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Fridays, and from 9:00 a.m. to 12-Noon on Saturday mornings. They are located in Bedford in the Student Information Center and on the ground floor of the Cowan Center in Lowell. Schedule an appointment by calling 1-800-818-3434 or from a campus phone call extension 3370. Evening advising appointments are available.

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Academic and Career Support

Tutoring Services

Although the primary function of the Academic Support Services area is to support students, staff are also available to assist faculty in many ways to foster student success. Staff can offer information and training to faculty in many different areas, such as understanding student learning styles and helping students learn to study. Tutoring centers and labs, staffed by peer and professional tutors, are available on both campuses to assist students on a drop-in or by appointment basis. In Bedford, the Writing Center and the Reading/Study Skills Lab are located in the AR-Bldg. 1, Library; Mathematics is in AR-Bldg1 Room 214; the Accounting, Science Labs are in HH-Bldg. 3, Rooms 205, 202, respectively. In Lowell, the Writing Center, Science, Accounting, and Math Labs are all located on the fourth floor in the Cowan Center Building, Room 406B. Online tutoring is also available and can be accessed through the Academic Support website. For more information about tutoring schedules and other services available to support faculty and students call Jo Mucci, Director of the Academic Support Department, at 781-280-3724 in Bedford or 978-656-3364 in Lowell.

Career Services

Career counselors help students on both campuses choose career paths and explore employment issues, e.g., identifying employment opportunities, resume writing, interviewing skills and job strategies. The MCC Career Counselors support and enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom. They regularly consult with faculty about how career-related information can be integrated into the academic curriculum and design classroom presentations or special programs that address these specific needs. In addition, they can visit classroom to discuss career and job search topics. If you are interested in having a workshop done in your class, please contact either of the Career Counselors.

Instructional and Research Support

The library is committed to the goal of information literacy for all students. Staff offer a wide range of library instruction sessions to help students develop the ability to identify, select, analyze and evaluate information. Classes are customized to meet the research needs of students. Staff encourage faculty to include a library instruction session for their classes. These may include a general introduction to the library or more in-depth instruction in:

  • Locating full-text magazines, journals and newspapers using online databases;
  • Using the online catalog to find and request books from libraries statewide;
  • Developing effective and efficient search strategies geared to specific information needs;
  • Using and evaluating the quality of information found on the Internet;
  • Locating literature resources, such as author biographies, bibliographies, and critical analyses;
  • Using the online bibliography tool “Noodlebib” ; and
  • Accessing library resources remotely.

Library instruction is most effective when teaching faculty are present and an assignment is associated with the session. Sessions are held in the electronic classroom at each campus library. These classrooms are each equipped with 12 student computer workstations, one instructor workstation, a projection system and seating for 30 students.

To schedule a class, please call the Bedford library at 781-280-3706 or the Lowell library at 978-656-3003. To avoid scheduling conflicts, please request instruction sessions as far ahead as possible and no less than one week prior to the class. Unscheduled classes cannot be accommodated.

Locations, Technology and Services

The Bedford Campus library is located in AR-Bldg 1. The Lowell Campus library is located in the Federal Building in Kearney Square.

Faculty and staff must present a Middlesex Community College library card to borrow materials. Cards are obtained by filling out an application form at the circulation desk.

The library collections total over 50,000 printed volumes, which can be searched through the college web site, which also offers access to thousands of full-text magazine articles.

As a member of the North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE), Middlesex has access to the collections of 28 area libraries, including nine college libraries. Statewide delivery systems provide fast and efficient borrowing from these sources. The collection at each library supports the courses offered at each campus.

Photocopying and Video (Copyright Provisions)

Because of the strict nature of the U.S. Copyright Code the following guidelines have been established for MCC reserves.

Each faculty member is responsible for providing all photocopies that are to be placed on reserve as well as for seeing that all material conforms to current copyright legislation.

In order to comply with the copyright law's requirement of spontaneity, the library will not place the same photocopied article on reserve for more than one semester. If a faculty member would like to use the same material on an ongoing basis, he or she is encouraged to purchase a reprint of the journal article, or seek permission from the publisher to photocopy the material. Copyright clearance may be requested by contacting the Copyright Clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923, phone (978)750-8400, or

Photocopies cannot be placed on reserve for a second semester unless appropriate permissions can be provided. Any library-owned videos may be placed on reserve. In addition, faculty-owned videos that are either commercially produced or accompanied by an appropriate licensing agreement will be accepted. Faculty-owned videos which have been either taped off the air, or copied from another tape do not comply with copyright regulations and will not be accepted.

Reserve Materials

Faculty may request that library materials or items owned by them be placed on reserve at either campus by submitting a completed reserves form. Faculty-owned material will have a barcode and reserve label placed on the item. Circulation periods for reserve items are set according to faculty request.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours to process your reserves.

Faculty members with a copy of a current textbook being used in their classes are encouraged to place it on reserve for student use.

No materials are placed on reserve on a permanent basis. All items are removed at the end of each semester and returned to the faculty member or the general library collection.

Video Requests

It is important that faculty receive all videos needed for their classes. At the present time, all videos are located in the Bedford library. This makes it difficult for faculty who work in Lowell, and many faculty use the same video in a given semester. The library staff makes every effort to buy sufficient copies of faculty requested videos.

To ensure that videos are available when required by faculty, the library has implemented three methods for handling faculty video requests. All three require faculty to go to the library on the campus of their r choice to pick up the videos. Current staffing limitations do not allow library staff to deliver videos personally or respond to last minute telephone requests. Please follow one or more of the following procedures for requesting a video.

For those who wish to plan their classroom viewing for the semester in advance, submit requests as a list of titles along with the dates needed to the circulation desk in the Bedford Library by the end of the second week of the semester.

Those desiring more flexibility in their classroom viewing schedule may place a request for a video through the library web page using a library card and pin number. These requests may be placed up to 2 weeks in advance. When the request is made, you will be able to identify the library from which you would like to pick up the item. You will then receive an email confirmation from that library once the item is ready for pick-up. The item will be held behind the circulation desk for you for one week. If it is not picked up, it will be returned to the collection for others to use. Videos typically go out for one week; however, we will extend the loan period to two weeks as needed.

Faculty may also borrow video titles simply by visiting the Bedford library and checking them out.

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Wellness Services for Faculty and Students

Personal Counseling

Personal counselors help students with a wide range of concerns, such as family problems, alcohol and drugs, relationship conflicts, and college-related stress. In cases where the student requires extended therapy, a referral listing is available. Counseling is also available to faculty and staff through the EAP program described on page 9 of this handbook.

Disability Support Services

The collegiate experience at Middlesex, on the campus and in the classroom, is open to students of varying abilities and levels of adaptive skills. Students with disabilities can be very successful in the college environment. Disability Support Services provides services and resources to empower each student to attain his/her highest level of academic success and learning independence

Students are encouraged to access the classroom accommodations and support services available to them through the Disability Support Services office, such as pre-registration advising, testing accommodations, and tutoring for students with documented physical and/or learning disabilities. Information shared with Disability Support Services remains confidential and students are encouraged to develop self-advocacy skills. In addition, faculty and staff may access such services as: information on specific disabilities; information on specific students (with student permission); monitoring of alternate forms of tests; strategies for modifying lessons or exams to accommodate the needs of diverse learners; and operation of study groups. For additional information, contact Susan Woods in Student Services at 781-280-3630.

Faculty who have documented disabilities and need accommodations to perform the essential components of their jobs may contact the Human Resources Department or Disability Support Services (DSS) to discuss arrangements. For further information, call 781-280-3630.

Health Services

The Health Services Office in Lowell is located on the ground floor of the Cowan Center Campus Building and is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. The Bedford Health Services Office is located on the second floor of the CC-Bldg.8, room 211 and is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Health education programs promoting physical and emotional well-being are the major focus of the department. However, faculty, staff, and students may also receive medical services which include urgent care, evaluation of illness and injury, and referrals to appropriate health care providers as necessary. Nonprescription medications are available to anyone 18 years or older.

Accidents or injuries involving faculty, staff, or students and occurring on-campus or at a clinical site should be reported and an accident report completed at the Health Service Office within 24 hours.

To phone the Bedford office, call 781-280-3765; Lowell, 978-656-3235.

For a Faculty Guide to Responses to serious situations involving students, see Appendix D.

Additional information about the Health Service Department is available under Student Services and Activities.

Dental Clinics

Reduced cost dental care is available to MCC students, faculty, and staff as well as to the general public, at the College’s dental clinics in the Health, Science & Technology Center on Middle Street in Lowell. The Dental Hygiene clinic (first floor) services include x-rays for adults and children, cleaning, pit and fissure sealants, and athletic mouth protectors. For appointments, call 978-656-3250.

Fitness Center

A fully equipped fitness center with trained staff is located in the Student Center, opposite the bookstore, on the Bedford Campus. It is open to all full- and part-time students, faculty and staff. The Center, which contains cardiovascular and strength training equipment, is open during the fall and spring semesters Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. and Fridays, 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. Please contact Greg Narleski at 781-280-3767 for additional information, schedule changes and summer hours.

Financial Aid

A variety of state and federal financial aid programs are available to assist qualified students. Financial Aid Counselors are available in the Financial Aid Offices on the Bedford and Lowell Campuses to help students complete the financial aid application process. The necessary forms are available MiddleNet, in the Financial Aid Office in Bedford in the EC-Bldg 9, and in the Cowan Center in Lowell on the third floor. For more information, please call the office in Bedford at 781-280-3650 or in Lowell at 978-656-3242.

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