Matter of Fact

The fact of the matter is, there is a group of young actors who perform short dramatic pieces about situations and conflicts that almost everybody faces in one way or another, and stir audiences to think and talk about them.

The Matter of Fact players are based at Middlesex Community College.

They give performances there and at high schools. Their style is called improvisational theatre, because they bring their own experiences to the stories they act out on the stage.

After every performance, the Matter of Fact cast has an open discussion with the audience to explore the ideas their improvs stimulate, and to talk about what the characters they portrayed might or might not have done differently in each situation.

Improvs on issues such as: date rape, alcoholism, drug abuse, obsessive relationships, racism, returning to school, gangs, homophobia, teen pregnancy etc. We will be performing at MCC with our show, Civility? and our shows, Whose Freedom is it Anyway? and America, We Have a Problem are available to tour local schools in the area.

References and costs are available: Contact Professor Jean Trounstine

Last Modified: 3/20/18