Little Left of Centerfest 2013

by Lisa Dillman Directed by Kaitlyn Crockett

Cast: Kelly Maglio, Charlette Renault-Caragianes

Water Music
by Tina Howe Directed by Joy Derov

Cast: Brittany Phillips, Josh Ray, Molly Flood

by John Augustine Directed by Amanda Cochrane

Cast: Denise Torres, Jennifer Evans, Leo Jordan

The Goblins Plot to Murder God
by Mark O'Donnell Directed by Jamie Rees

Cast: Cassandra Milne, Jeff Horton, Chris Stevens, Pepa Salvia

Mary Just Broke Up With This Guy
by Garth Wingfield Directed by Cheyenne Capri

Cast: Jennifer Ngo, Anthony Febo, Joey Tyler

Title Fight
by Ian August Directed by Justin Linscott

Cast: Mike Regan, Eddie Tro,y Chris Conole

The Kill by Alex Broun Directed by Sharif Ali

Cast: Cam Cassella, Angel Lopez

Last Modified: 3/20/18