Introducing the MCC Theatre Department's cast of

Cam Cassella
Amanda Cochrane
Kaitlyn Crockett
Molly Flood
Kate Harper
Billy Higson
Leo Jordan
Justin Linscott
Melissa McCarthy
Kelly Maglio
Kevin Mahaney
Jeremy Marquez
Cassandra Milne
Brittany Phillips
Charlette Renault-Caragianes
Josh Ray
Pepa Salvia
Michael Scheinbart
Josh Stasio
Eddie Troy
Erik Troy
Joey Tyler
Andrew Verras

The first meeting will be on December 27th from 12-5. Please email me at and let me know you will be doing this show NO MATTER WHAT ROLE YOU ARE PLAYING by Monday Dec. 24th (XMAS EVE DAY!!)

Thank you to all who auditioned – I was thrilled to see so many of you. These decisions are always so difficult and are not taken lightly. Many hours were put into creating the list you see before you.

We will not only be casting our one acts, but our 24 hour play festival as well. I hope that you will all be back for those auditions.



Last Modified: 3/20/18