K-12 Partnerships

Billerica Public Schools Partnerships
Middlesex and the Billerica Public Schools have partnered to work together on initiatives that enhance student learning, expand access to educational resources, and support professional development.

  • Billerica CARES Committee
    MCC professional staff participate in this committee devoted to fostering an appreciation for diversity in the town of Billerica. In addition to contributing to the leadership of this initiative, MCC staff members have made several presentations at committee events.
    Contact: Pam Flaherty, 781-280-3631,
  • Community Preparedness Training Program
    Billerica Public Schools personnel participate in community preparedness training courses provided by MCC's Homeland Security Program.
    Contact: Terrence Downes, 978-656-3103,
  • Core Commitments
    Billerica Memorial High School students are encouraged to attend campus events sponsored by MCC's Core Commitments grant, which aims to foster personal and social responsibility among all members of the college community. BMHS students tackle current issues and participate in open forum discussions.
    Funding: Association of American College and Universities
    Contact: Clea Andreadis, 781-280-3904,
  • Engineering is Elementary
    MCC and the Billerica Public Schools participate in a regional STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) program grant led by Northern Essex Community College. Faculty from the college and the elementary schools work together to create developmentally appropriate engineering curriculum and hands-on activities for elementary school students. The goal of the STEM program is to make significant increases in the number of STEM degrees awarded in Massachusetts by designing and implementing programs to increase the number of students prepared to successfully complete a STEM degree.
    Funding: National Science Foundation
    Contact: Judith Hogan, 781-280-3816,

Lowell Public Schools Partnerships
Middlesex and the Lowell Public Schools partnerships focus on strengthening communication and developing collaborations that enhance student learning, expand curriculum resources and support professional development.

  • The B.R.I.D.G.E. Program at McHugh Alternative Middle School
    (Beginnings Respect Independence Diversity Guidance Education)
    This alternative middle school program was established in 1997 for 24 Lowell Public School students in grades 7 and 8, ages 12-16, who experienced problems of disruptive behavior and/or attendance in the traditional school setting. The program offers a comprehensive, positive, structured and safe school experience emphasizing standards, choice, responsibility and human dignity. The program now serves 50 students each year, and boasts a 90 percent monthly attendance rate.
    Funding: Lowell Public Schools
    Contact: Ellen Spiegel, 978-453-1115,
  • Center for Alternative Pathways to Success Programs
    At the Center for Alternative Pathways to Success, Middlesex serves the at-risk population by offering three alternative pathways to a high-quality education for young people in danger of failing to receive a high school diploma and the skills needed to make a contribution to today's economy.

MCAS Pathways Program
The MCAS Pathways Program at Middlesex provides tutoring and academic support for retesting area high school students who have either completed all of their high school credits but still need to pass the Mathematics and/or the English Language Arts (ELA) portion of the MCAS test in order to receive a high school diploma, or who are still attending high school but have failed one or both sections of the MCAS. Pathways staff also work with students to assist them in accessing higher education and/or workforce opportunities.
Contact: Colleen Cox, 978-656-3284,

Out of School Youth Development Center
This year-round initiative at MCC's Lowell campus provides Greater Lowell youth, ages 16-21 who are not in school, with a continuum of services tailored to their individual needs. The Center offers a support system that encompasses case management, General Education Development (GED) preparation, enrollment counseling, service-learning, workforce education and training, career exploration, and formal/alternative education.
Contact: Maria Cunha, 978-656-3104,

Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School(L.M.A.C.S.)
The Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School serves 100 students each year and was one of the first Commonwealth Charter Schools approved by the State Board of Education in 1995. It is considered one of the most successful schools in the state at reintroducing students to school and helping them earn a high school diploma. The school was originally a dropout-prevention program that became a public charter school to meet the increasing needs of youth who have not been successful in the local district schools. Students between the ages of 16 and 21 are served in a supportive, skills-based program with very high standards for both attendance and behavior. All students must pass the MCAS tests, which is an important measure of the school's success.
Contact: Marge McDevitt, 978-656-3400,

  • GEAR UP: Massachusetts
    This is a student support program for students in grades 7-12. GEAR UP stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs. It is designed to give low-income students the skills, encouragement and preparation needed to pursue postsecondary education and to strengthen academic programs and student services at participating schools. The program includes tutoring, mentoring, after-school programs, parent outreach, MCAS preparation, and teacher professional development. Funding: Massachusetts Board of Higher Education through U.S. Department of Education
    Contact: Colleen Winn, 978-656-3401,
  • GEAR UP: MCC/UMass Lowell
    This partnership between Middlesex, UMass Lowell and several community-based social service institutions and cultural organizations supports programs for low-income students in Lowell middle schools and Lowell High School. It is designed to help increase the number of children from low-income families who attend college. Services include parent education and training, teacher professional development, college and career awareness programs, MCAS preparation, tutoring and mentoring. Funding: U.S. Department of Education
    Contact: Bowa Tucker, 978-934-4667,
  • Kids to College
    Kids to College focuses on linking area college liaisons with sixth grade classes to introduce them to the world of higher education. Students participate in a special six-session curriculum that combines hands-on activities with information on careers, college life and how to choose courses that provide the greatest range of options for education beyond high school. The program culminates with a visit to the partner college for students and their parents/guardians.
    Contact: Deborah Linnehan, 978-656-6050,
  • Latino Connections
    This program at Lowell High School provides bilingual/bicultural case management services to students in grades 9-12 and their parents, which include opportunities to meet with Latino professionals from the Lowell community who serve as mentors to the students.
    Contact: Maria Cunha, 978-937-8904,
  • Massachusetts Educational Opportunity Program (M.E.O.P.)
    M.E.O.P. targets minority and economically disadvantaged students in grades 10-12 who are interested in health careers. The program provides basic skills in math, science and English, strong academic support and individual counseling, incentives to increase student motivation, and exploration into various health careers.
    Contact: Linda Ferragamo, 978-656-3011,
  • MCC Music Department Outreach Collaboration with Lowell High School
    The MCC Music Department Outreach Program offers Lowell High School students opportunities to participate in a variety of musical experiences through the college. Events include workshops in voice and piano, as well as lectures and performances by MCC faculty members and musicians from outside MCC, including members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. LHS students in the Jazz Band and the Concert Chorus also give concerts at the MCC campus in Lowell.
    Contact: Johannah Segarich, 978-656-3142,
  • MCC Law Center Student Conflict Resolution Experts Program (SCORE)
    Founded in 1989 and located on the Lowell campus, the MCC Law Center administers consumer protection, mediation and high school violence-prevention programs. SCORE provides an on-site peer mediation program at Lowell High School to empower students to take responsibility for solving their own conflicts.
    Funding: Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, Lowell Public Schools and Middlesex Community College
    Contact: Yael Hurwitz-Lange, 978-656-4036
  • TRIO Programs
    TRIO K-12 programs are for students who are either low-income or the first generation in their family to attend college. Programs are funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

TRIO Educational Talent Search
This program targets TRIO-eligible students in grades 6-12 and fosters academic success, high school completion, parent outreach, college/career awareness, and post-secondary placement. Approximately 40 percent of Talent Search graduates are placed at MCC.
Contact: Colleen Winn, 978-656-3401,

TRIO Upward Bound
This is a carefully planned and intensive program of college preparation. It is a semester-based credited academic program that is tailored to meet the specialized needs of students in grades 9-12. The program also has a rigorous six-week academic summer component. Upward Bound is designed to assist 50 students enrolled at LHS who are low income and/or first generation college-bound students.
Contact: Colleen Winn, 978-656-3401,

  • Wider Horizons
    The Wider Horizons Program is hosted each summer by MCC, in collaboration with the Lowell Public Schools and UMass Lowell. This unique extension of the Irish peace initiative brings together young teachers in training from Catholic and Protestant colleges of education in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Participants develop new ideas and encounter new experiences in the practice of teaching in an American urban summer-school setting. The program inspires them to apply their experiences and begin addressing issues that strike close to home.
    Contact: Colleen Cox, 978-656-3284,
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