International Partnerships

  • Asian Studies Development Program (ASDP) at the East-West Center, University of Hawaii
    A consortium of Asian Studies Development Centers of the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, this organization prepares grants, sponsors cultural events and promotes the importance of Asian Studies in the curriculum. MCC was the first institution on the U.S. mainland to be designated a regional Asian Studies Development Center by ASDP. The East-West Center has helped underwrite MCC's annual Asian Seminar Series for more than a decade.
    Contact: Dona Cady, (781) 280-3721,


  • Academy of Management and Information Technologies (Ukraine) Partnership
    Middlesex and the Academy of Management and Information Technologies (formerly the Azov Regional Management Institute) in Berdyansk, Ukraine collaborated on a three-year workforce development and distance-learning project designed to build the capacity of this business college in these two areas. Through a series of five international exchange visits from MCC to Berdyansk and five visits from Berdyansk to MCC, staff and faculty from Ukraine learned how to develop and deliver online courses for a variety of audiences and work with business and industry to offer education and training for employers in order to support workforce and economic development objectives.
    Funding: U.S. State Department, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
    Christopher J. Brennan, 978- 656-3152,


  • Berdyansk, Ukraine and Lowell, Mass. Community-to-Community Partnership
    Middlesex and the City of Lowell collaborated on a community partnership with Berdyansk, a city approximately the same size as Lowell located in southeast Ukraine on the Azov Sea. The three-year project was part of an international city-to-city partnership between the U.S. and Ukraine (The Community Partnership program). The project was led and coordinated by the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation and focused on strategic planning, citizen participation, tourism development and the municipal water supply.
    Funding: USAID through the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation
    Contact: Christopher J. Brennan, 978- 656-3152,


  • Bryansk State Technical University, Russia Partnership
    Middlesex has formed a partnership with Bryansk State Technical University (BSTU) in Russia, which is approximately six hours south of Moscow near the borders of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The partnership, which began in 2005-2006, focuses primarily on two-week faculty and staff exchanges but has included a joint student-to-student academic project, and hopes to eventually expand to include student exchanges. It is currently funded though resources from each institution. During the exchanges, Bryansk visitors to MCC and MCC visitors to Bryansk make presentations to faculty, staff and students, meet with student leaders, observe classes, visit area companies and colleges, meet with local government officials and participate in social and cultural activities.
    Contact: Christopher J. Brennan, 978- 656-3152,

  • Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs
    A division of the United States Department of State, the Bureau has been a major funder of a significant number of international exchanges, including projects with Armenia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ukraine, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Georgia and two with South Africa.
    Kent Mitchell, 978-656-3133,

  • Cambridge-Yerevan Sister Cities Association (CYSCA)
    Cambridge developed a sister city relationship with Yerevan, the capitol of Armenia, beginning in 1987. Over the years, Middlesex has partnered with CYSCA on many education and training projects for educators and business and industry professionals from Armenia. Projects have included: journalism curriculum development and faculty development, workforce development and training, investigative reporting, aviation management, museum management, theater management, and tourism education. For the current project, MCC and CYSCA have organized a three-week training program aimed at improving the quality of educational services in the areas of tourism and hospitality services in Armenia. Tourism educators from Armenia will visit educational institutions here that are involved in tourism education and training. They also visit hotels, travel and transportation companies, event organizers, and regional tourism promotion groups as well as historic and cultural locations.
    Funding: U.S. Agency for International Development
    Contact: Barbara Dexter-Smith, 978-656-3170,

  • China International Travel Service, Shandong (CITS-Shandong)
    MCC has partnered with this organization for our China Fellowship Program for many years. Middlesex has also conducted training programs on a fee-for-service basis for Chinese professionals in Financial Management and Hotel Management.
    Contact: Pat Demaras, 978-656-3256,

  • Community Colleges for International Development (CCID)
    A membership organization that facilitates technical assistance projects in developing or transitioning countries.
    Contact: Kent Mitchell, 978-656-3133,

  • Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)
    CIES is a Washington-based nongovernmental organization that manages several Fulbright programs, including the Fulbright Occasional Lecturer Program, which sponsors short-term (two- to three-day) campus visits. MCC has hosted scholars from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan through this program. CIES also implements the semester-long Visiting Scholars Program, and MCC has hosted scholars on campus from Japan and the Republic of Korea under this program.
    Contact: Kent Mitchell, 978-656-3133,

  • International Fellowship Programs
    Middlesex is committed to educating students about global issues and broadening student perspectives of the world community. International Education Fellowships are academic opportunities for MCC students, accompanied by faculty or staff, to visit a country and study its history and culture. Since 1992, Middlesex has offered fellowships to China, Russia, Costa Rica, Spain, Ireland, Europe and Belize. Fellowships vary from year to year, and the choice of countries depends on funding, travel restrictions and availability.
    Contact: Pat Demaras, 978-656-3256,

  • Massachusetts Council for International Education (MaCIE)
    This professional development and advocacy organization links the 29 Massachusetts public institutions of higher education in a common commitment to promote international education among their diverse constituencies. The association develops and enhances the capacity of member institutions to foster knowledge and appreciation of international cultures and issues.
    Contact: Pat Demaras, 978-656-3256,

  • Middlesex-Marishane, South Africa Exchange
    Middlesex and the Marishane Senior Secondary School (MSSS) in Limpopo Province, South Africa, partnered to address the high level of violence against women in South Africa. This three-year project brought 12 Marishane educators to MCC to work with faculty, staff and community experts, while eight Middlesex staff and community experts visited South Africa. The overall goal was to create a Community Support Center at MSSS, train teachers and counselors, and create age-appropriate curriculum to reduce violence against women.
    Funding: U.S. State Department
    Contact: Kent Mitchell, 978-656-3133,

  • Namibia, Africa Entrepreneurship and Workforce Development Project
    Middlesex was chosen as one of the cooperating partners for a joint project on “Entrepreneurship and Workforce Development in Higher Education” with the Polytechnic of Namibia in Windhoek, Namibia in Africa. The grant was led by the Community Colleges for International Development and Hinds Community College in Mississippi. The focus of Middlesex’s involvement was Hospitality and Tourism. The goal was to help faculty from Namibia understand entrepreneurship training in the U.S., view classroom delivery modes, and review curriculum content for a Hospitality/Tourism entrepreneurship model. This was accomplished by two-week faculty exchanges.
    Contact: Barbara Dexter-Smith, 978-656-3170,

  • National University of Management (NUM), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    Middlesex has partnered with NUM, a college located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on several projects since 1997. A Fulbright Senior Specialist grant was awarded to an MCC professor to develop law curricula at the university. That same MCC professor taught “Selected Topics In International Business Law” in the university’s doctorate of business program and served as an International Election Observer for the Neutral and Impartial Committee for Fair Elections in Cambodia (NICFEC) in 2008.
    Funding: U.S. State Department
    Contact: Ken Dunn, 978-656-3342,

  • New Horizons Project, Inc.
    MCC has partnered with New Horizons Project, Inc., a Cambridge-based nonprofit organization, to assist in the implementation of a professional development program for young professionals and graduate students from various regions of Russia. MCC supported the project with coursework for the young professionals, internship opportunities, mentoring and opportunities to participate in activities at the college.
    Contact: Christopher J. Brennan, 978-656-3152,

  • Pluralism in Islam Project A two-year, Title VI-A grant enabled MCC faculty members to learn and then teach about pluralism within Islam. Faculty seminars focused on four Islamic societies: Egypt, India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, studying each country for one semester. Middlesex professors who attended the seminars then infused their knowledge into a variety of courses, enabling teachers in many disciplines to talk knowledgeably about Islamic points of view. Middlesex also added beginning Arabic language courses.
    Funding: U.S. Department of Education
    Contact: Kent Mitchell, 978-656-3133,

  • Soweto, South Africa AIDS Outreach Program
    “On the Ground, Building Contexts for Civic Engagement in Soweto” is a partnership with the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Other community partners are Somerville City Hospital and Cambridge City Hospital AIDS Outreach Programs. Twelve visitors from Soweto, an urban area in Johannesburg, visited here for three weeks, and six Americans will visit Soweto. The focus is on bringing teachers together with sports and recreation workers in Soweto to connect their services to the actual lives of kids, especially in areas such as AIDS prevention, domestic violence and stigma. The goal is to build linkages and networks that can be used again and again. During their U.S. visit, the Sowetans attended workshops and information sessions with social service agencies throughout Lowell and attended counseling workshops through Somerville City Hospital and the Cambridge Health Alliance.
    Funding: U.S. State Department
    Contact: Kent Mitchell, 978-656-3133,
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