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A.D.A.M. Interactive - instructions for adding to Bb course

Labster Resources

Step 1: Check out the Labster Faculty Resources Page: Click on Teacher Resources to explore

Step 2: Create your own custom cartridge of simulations:  Click on Upload to LMS to build cartridge

Step 3:  Labster tutorial -upload your cartridge (2 minute video)
Step 4:  If you want labs to be graded and to flow into your gradebook, follow these steps;   once the labs upload into your course, select the drop down arrow next to each lab simulation that you want to use>select edit>select enable evaluation>select open in a new window and enter points for each simulation that you want to use in your course.

Provide these to your students:

Labster - Student tech tip sheet

Labster - Student welcome video

Stress Test and Check Your Device Tool - Important


Pivot Resources
Pivot Interactives for Physics lessons

Visible Body Resources
Visible Body Courseware (A&P)

Visible Body Student Support

Science LABS & OER

Adapting Science Lessons for Distance Learning

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