Online Learning at Middlesex - How it works.

Middlesex has a long history of offering online courses that provide a convenient way to fit your education into your busy life. Now, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are using our outstanding online program to help students continue their educational goals in the face of uncertainty.

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Synchronous and Asynchronous Courses.. What's the difference?

In the fall 2021 term, we will be offering six delivery formats. Check out all the ways to take a class at Middlesex this fall at 

There are two kinds of completely online classes - synchronous and asynchronous. Watch the video below to learn the difference and decide which is right for you.

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What does an Online course look like?

If you are curious about how an online course works, watch the video showing how the Blackboard Learning Management System works and some tips for being a successful online learner.

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How do I interact with others in an acceptable and professional way in my online course?

How will I submit assignments in my online course?

What can I do to be successful in my online course?

Admitted students may self-enroll the full Learning Online Boot Camp to access more resources and interactive activities by logging into the MyMCC portal and enrolling in the Learning Online Boot Camp in Blackboard.  

The Online Boot Camp offers students the opportunity to practice the skills necessary for success in an online course. Contact the ACE Team at to make an appointment for a live Bootcamp session if you need additional support.

Watch this video for Step by Step How to Self-Enroll in the Online Learning Boot Camp.




Last Modified: 2/8/22