Nursing Lab

The nursing lab at Middlesex Community College provides an environment for Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) students to practice and demonstrate nursing skills. State of the art simulation mannequins, models and other equipment provide a non-threatening, hands on environment for skill acquisition.

The nursing program's simulation lab features over 10 simulation mannequins; including SimBaby™, SimMan™, a pediatric simulation mannequin and Noelle® - a mannequin which can provide countless abnormal simulated childbirths that a student may never get the chance to experience. Each are programmed through a computer and can be used to simulate those clinical experiences that students may not always see in actual clinical rotations.

The lab has "Open Lab" hours on a weekly basis so that students may come in and practice their skills under the direction of the nursing faculty who are registered nurses.

It is our goal to create an environment that is very similar to what our students will see when they go out to facilities to complete their clinical hours. The faculty who teach in these labs remain current on their skills, products, and evidence based practice, so that they can provide the students with the most valuable learning experience possible.

Last Modified: 9/4/18