Health Requirements

Health Record Requirements:

Completion of the 4 page Required Student Health Record Form , which includes:

  1. Student Information
  2. Physical Examination and evaluation by a health care provider (completed within past 12 months).
  3. Testing for Color Deficiency. (This may be administered in Lowell by the health compliance personnel in Pollard 301 or Cowan 314).
  4. TB testing: either two-step tuberculin skin test (TST) for Tuberculosis:
    • 1st TB/PPD given, read and recorded
    • If positive, see notes below
    • If negative, repeat in 1-2 weeks (2nd TB/PPD given, read and recorded)

                 OR TB blood test (T-Spot or QuantiFERON Gold)


  • The TB Test must be done before entering the program and updated at least every 12 months.
  • Students are only required to do the two-step Mantoux (TB/PPD) tuberculin skin test upon acceptance into their health program. A one-step Mantoux (TB/PPD) tuberculin skin test OR TB blood test (T-Spot or QuantiFERON Gold) will be sufficient to meet the requirements for the annual update.
  • Positive reactors must submit the positive TB test report and a report of a negative chest x-ray performed within the past 5 years.

Immunization Requirements:

Documentation of:

1. One dose of Tdap vaccination, with a booster (either Td or Tdap) every 10 years.
2.Two doses of MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine, given at least 28 days apart on/after12 months of age,

OR  a positive blood titer report for all three - (1) Rubeola, (2) Mumps, (3) Rubella

(with original copy of lab results)


3. Completion of the 3 dose Hepatitis B (HBV) vaccine series or the new 2 dose Heplisav-B, with a positive Hepatitis B surface antibody (anti HBs) blood titer report (with original copy of lab results)

4.Two doses of Varicella vaccine given one month apart,

OR a positive Varicella blood titer report (with original copy of lab results)


5. One dose of MenACWY meningococcal vaccine administered on or after 16th birthday for any newly enrolled full-time student 21 years of age or younger.

NOTE:  Effective January 2022, The COVID-19 vaccine is required for all students enrolled in face-to-face classes on campus, which includes all health students.  In addition, the annual Flu vaccine is strongly recommended for all students enrolled in a health program.  Although currently the Massachusetts Department of Public Health does not require these vaccines, students may be required to have these vaccines and a booster (if applicable) and show proof if required by a clinical partner. While a reasonable effort will be made to place you in a clinical facility, clinical placement cannot be guaranteed in an un-immunized status. Failure to comply with this requirement from the clinical sites will jeopardize a student’s ability to attend clinical and remain in the program.

Failure to meet the health/immunization requirements deadlines may result in removal from the program.

Last Modified: 7/12/22