Now Presenting, Now in Print - Spring 2012

Professor Derek Michaud from the Humanities department authored The Patristic Roots of John Smith’s ‘True Way or Method of Attaining to Divine Knowledge.” in Thomas Cattoi and June McDaniel, (eds.),   Perceiving the Divine through the Human Body: Mystical Sensuality, which was published by Palgrave Macmillan, November 8, 2011. 

Professor Michaud also published “Personal Identity: How do we Survive Our Death?” (Ashgate, 2010)] The Heythrop Journal. and   presented “St. Bonaventure on Divine Unity and the Inner Life of the One,” at the “Christian Platonism” session of the Platonism and Neoplatonism Group, Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, San Francisco, November 19, 2011.

 Kim Burns, Associate Dean of K-16 Partnerships, presented a poster on Faculty Sensemaking and Transformative Learning: Working to Improve Community College Student Learning Through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at the 36th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) on Higher Education:  Meeting the Challenge of a Changing Future held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Professor Mark Friedman, economics instructor, recently had his Chinese short story translation "Go See the Opera" reprinted in the International PEN's Contemporary Taiwanese Literature and Art Series.

Professor Peter Shea, Title III Specialist/Pedagogical Designer, was recently published in Cutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education, vol. 4, ‘Transforming Virtual World Learning’  

Professor Katherine DiMarca, from the Humanities department, presented at the Transitions and Transactions: Literature Pedagogy in the Community College at the Borough of Manhattan Community College Conference on April 20-21, A Performance-Based Approach to Teaching Shakespeare in Composition 102: An Introduction to Literature.” (

Professor Dianne Traynor, from the Humanities department, was awarded the New England Bob Costas Grant by the College Board in January at the Renaissance Hotel in Boston.  She proposed a cultural awareness exchange between area high schools through poetry/creative writing.   The grant that will allow her to take high school students to other Boston area schools to collaborate on writing that will highlight cultural awareness. The funding will include transportation, a get-to-know-each-other lunch, and a publication that will include the writings of all students involved.

Professor Johannah Segarich, from the Music department, presented “Getting Involved with Global Outreach Programs” at the SWE Region F conference at MIT in March.

Melisa Chaves Welch, Coordinator Student Activities, co-authored with Assistant Dean of Students Rebecca Newell, Avoiding Budget Roadblocks in Diversity Programming which was published in the March edition of Campus Activities Programming Magazine.  This is a national publication supported by the National Association of Campus Activities.  (page 27)

Professor Joseph Nardoni and Professor Lori Zimmermann, both from the English department, presented at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, Friday, April 20- 21, Spellbinding Kinetic Poetry, an interdisciplinary poetry-art-dance program. http://www. 

Lori Weir, former Coordinator of the Information Technology Program, published an article in Magna Publications called “E-Learning 2.0—Designing CollaborativeLearning Experiences that Prepare Students to Work in Virtual Teams.”  The link is   Lori was a co-leader in a course titled “Designing and Using Innovative Collaborative Approaches to Teaching and Learning” at the Mid-Pacific Information and Communications Technologies Center’s Faculty Development Week and  alsopresented at the High Impact Technology Exchange Workforce “HI-TEC” Conference in San Francisco and at Bridgewater University’s Ed-Tech Day.

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