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Now Presenting, Now in Print honors and celebrates the scholarly activities of MCC faculty and staff that are shaping professional practice and the education of our students. MCC faculty and staff may call (781) 280-3575 or email MeyliaTio, Staff Assistant to The Associate Provost for Instruction and Assessment, to provide information on scholarly activities for posting.



presentingMichael Rodman, Behavioral Sciences Chair, presented a Concurrent Session Panel in Phoenix at the ASDP National Conference of the East-West Center in Spring 2013 with his colleagues, Gail Mooney, Professor of Humanities, Karen Oster, Chairs of Performing Arts, and Dona Cady, Dean of Global Education.

In the presentation, the team discussed the ways they have incorporated Asian perspectives into courses taught based on their participation in the college's current the East-West Center ASDP grant.


Judy Hogan, Dean of Business, Education and Public Service, and Luciano Sappia, Assistant Professor of Business, presented at the Deshpande Development Dialogues on June 11, 2013 about the Entrepreneurship Program at MCC.


Katherine DiMarca, Interim Humanities Department Chair, Karen Oster, Chair of Performing Arts, Carina Self, Assistant Dean of Social Sciences and Service Learning, and Chandrika Shah, a Professor of Philosophy, teamed up and presented “Bridges and Walls: Democratic Engagement and Civic Learning in a Multi-Cultural Context” at Rooting Change: The Vision for Civic Engagement in Higher Education, a conference in May 2013 at Mt. Wachusett Community College.


Jan Arabas, Professor of Art, exhibited 5 works at the Boston Public Library as part of ReThink Ink: Mixit Print Studio at 25, a major retrospective of printmaking in the Boston area. Her installation, Dtrou, will be part of the ReThink Ink exhibition presented at the Cantor Art Gallery at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, August 23 through October 26, 2013.

Arabas also exhibited at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City in June, 2013, as part of the College Board Advanced Placement Studio Art Readers exhibition. In addition, Professor Arabas presented at other exhibitions at Fort Lewis College, Duragno, CO in January of 2013 and at Worcester State University, Worcester, MA in January of 2012 as part of the Boston Printmakers travelling exhibit, ThInk.

Her interest in Southeast Asian led her to another conference presentation on contemporary Cambodian art in Lowell, MA, REimaginging Cambodia, at Northern Illinois University, September 13-15, 2012.

Arabas also presented on Chinese contemporary art in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia at the ASDP National Conference in Pheonix, February 28 through March 2, 2013.


Leah MacPherson, Professor of Dental Hygiene, will be presenting a lecture on “Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy” at the Harvard Dental School to dentists specializing in periodontics on September 25th, 2013.


David M. Kalivas, Professor of History, presented on "Teaching Eurasia with Owen Lattimore" as part of a panel on Rethinking the Teaching of 'Conventional' Narratives in World History at the World History Association (WHA) annual conference in Minneapolis, June 26-30, 2013.


Margaret Swan, Arts and Design Department Chair, exhibited a sculpture in Convergence: Boston Sculptors Gallery Exhibits at the Christian Science Plaza  from May 4 through October 31. She will be leading a tour with sculptor Peter Haines called Sites Insights on September 21 at 11 am.

In addition, Professor Swan also had a solo show: Layers of TIme at Boston Sculptors Gallery in May/June of her new concrete sculpture inspired by rocky coasts eroded by wind, water, and time.




Elise Martin, Dean of Assessment, wrote an article entitled, “Helping Community College Students “Connect the Dots” of their College Experience with E-Portfolios” in peerReview of AAC&U, Vol. 15, No.2| Spring 2013.


Phil Mahler, Professor of Mathematics, published an article in the MathAMATYC Educator, called "Let's Teach Engineering Notation, not Scientific Notation".


Katherine DiMarca, Interim Humanities Department Chair, published her article in Teaching Literature in Community College Classrooms: Traversing Practices, McGraw-Hill, 2013, "A Performance-Based Approach to Teaching Shakespeare in Composition 102: An Introduction to Literature.”


Deborah Walsh, Esq., Assistant Dean, Business, Entrepreneurship & Legal Studies, published an article in the American Association for Paralegal Education “Bytes” publication entitled, “MOOCs: The Next Big Thing in Education?”.


Marilyn S. Black, Professor of English's novel, A Thousand Words, was published in April 2013 by Biblio Publishing. The book is a work of fiction concerning a rash of campus thefts at a community college in the Northeast. Any similarities to Middlesex Community College are entirely coincidental! Professor Black spent her 2011 sabbatical working on the novel and will be using it in some of her English classes.


Mark Friedman, Adjunct Faculty of Social Science, published V'ture (The Chronicles of Latvia) through Amazon.


Marie K. Ryder, MS, APRN-BC, Professor of Nursing, and Dr. Dolly Sadow contributed their research to a nursing textbook “Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing” by Elizabeth Varcarolis.  The research addressed evidenced-based nursing educational strategies to decrease stigmatizing attitudes towards the mentally ill. Student nurses and instructors who read this text book are expected to be able to incorporate experiences into the nursing curriculum that exposes students to people who are recovering from mental illness and leading/building full lives.



Adjunct Faculty of Humanities, Barbara Mellin’s poem “Waves” received first place for Poetry and will be published in the Winston-Salem Writers 2013 Anthology, titled Taking Flight. (Judge: Terri Kirby Erickson).

In addition, her essay "The Ironing Board" has earned second Place/Non-fiction in the Winston-Salem Writers 2013 Anthology Contest and will also be published. (Judge: Tara L. Masih)




Dona Cady, Dean of Global Education, participated in the first American Council on Education (ACE) and the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) Institute for Leading Internationalization in Washington DC, a new development opportunity for campus leaders in international education.



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