Unique Opportunities for Students

Learn about special resources and offerings and connect with other students. If you identify with one or more of these populations contact us for more information.

2013 Unique Orientation Opportunities:


August 5-7 or August 12-14

Introduce new students to academic programs, opportunities and expectations of MCC.
Foster a sense of connection with being a member of the MCC community and introduce students to a variety of opportunities to be involved on campus.
Familiarize students with the campus environment and facilities.
Provide structured opportunities for new students to meet and develop relationships with faculty, staff, current & other new students.
Introduce students to services dedicated to student achievement and programs that will support their educational goals.

Contact Faithe MacElliott at MACELLIOTTF@middlesex.mass.edu or (978) 656-3349 for more details.



August 19

Avance Latino is a specially designed program to support Latino students and to ease their transition to college by helping them to explore the steps needed to be successful students. Avance Latino gives students the opportunity to meet and build connections with faculty and International and Multicultural staff members and provides students with a sense of community where they can celebrate their heritage and have their voices heard.

For more information contact: Marie Sims at simsm@middlesex.mass.edu or 978-656-3258



August 21

This orientation provides opportunities for Asian/African American students to learn how to maximize available resources which will help them adjust to college life and become more successful college students. Asian/African American students have a chance to build a community and to be connected with other students as well as faculty and International and Multicultural staff members.

For more information contact: Marie Sims at sims@middlesex.mass.edu or 978-656-3258.



August 28

Save the date for this open house & orientation! Representatives from MCC and the community will introduce resources available to new and returning students. This program will give you the opportunity to meet other students, as well as faculty and staff.  At this orientation, you will learn about the great resources that the college has to offer, receive your MCC Student ID and tour the Lowell campus.

For more information contact Marie Sims at simsm@middlesex.mass.edu or 978-656-3258.



September 2 • 12:30-3:30pm

New students are invited to register for an opportunity to meet and mingle with other new students while giving back to the community following the Opening Day program.

Lunch will be provided and volunteers will receive a free t-shirt. New student volunteers will be working with a local organization, such as the Merrimack Valley Food Bank. Bedford students will be shuttled to the Lowell campus and return to Bedford around 3:30pm.

Volunteers must register before Friday, August 29 with Sheri Denk at DENKS@middlesex.mass.edu or (978) 656-3159.



12:30-1:30 p.m. • Wednesday, Sept. 17
Bedford: Campus Center, Room 217 - rsvp by Sept. 15
12:30-1:30p.m • Wednesday, Sept. 24
Lowell: Cowan Center Building, Room 302 - rsvp by Sept. 22nd

Coming back to school for the first time (or in a long time)?  You are not alone! Meet other returning adult students and learn strategies for getting off to a great start this academic year.  Refreshments will be served.  RSVP if you plan to attend. 

RSVPyeom@middlesex.mass.edu  or 978-656-3257


For more information, contact studentengagement@middlesex.mass.edu.

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