M IDDLESEX C OMMUNITY C OLLEGE • C E L E B R I T Y F O R U M • WA LT E R C R O N K I T E 8 P.M. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 1999 LOWELL MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN w ith s p ec i a l g ues t A warm, comfortable stage setting helped Cronkite feel right at home as Goodwin interviewed him during the debut Celebrity Forum in 1999. ▲ The TJX Companies, Inc. is proud to be the PRESEN T I G SPO N SO R N of the MCC Celebrity Forum. In the Celebrity Forum’s first year, Walter Cronkite chatted with guests, including Bernard Cammarata, from presenting sponsor The TJX Companies, Inc. ▲ 89 Walter Cronkite A Conversation with