6 A Strong Foundation RAISING FUNDS Among his many accomplishments on the academic and capital expansion fronts, President Evan Dobelle felt strongly that in order to properly grow, Middlesex would need financial support beyond the scope of state appropriations, tuition and fees. It would need an independent, fund-raising arm: a privately-run foundation. The MCC Foundation was created in 1988, to support program development and scholarships at the college. Its first chairman was Lester Grant, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Pilgrim Management Corporation. “The Foundation is here to help Middlesex Community College in any way that we can. We serve only one purpose, and that’s to help the college,” Grant said. The Foundation kicked off its first-ever fund-raising campaign on September 11, 1991, nearly a year after Dobelle’s departure. More than 100 faculty, staff and students at a celebratory luncheon applauded the Foundation’s goal to raise $100,000 through a partnership with the private sector. In the mid-1990s, after serving 10 years as Chairman of the MCC Board of Trustees, Jim Henderson assumed the role of Chairman of the MCC Foundation Board, a position he has held ever since. James W. Henderson serves as Chairman of the MCC Foundation Board. He also served as Chairman of the MCC Board of Trustees for 10 years. ▲ 83