On campus, I’d like to thank Patrick Cook, our Executive Director of Public Affairs, who hatched the idea of recording MCC’s history and conducted the research necessary to collect our story. I’d also like to thank Dean of College Communications Brenda Loucks and the amazing Publications Office staff. They spent many hours sorting through thousands of photographs, designing and editing these beautiful pages under the direction of Jennifer Aradhya, Assistant Dean of College Communications. You will find the names of all contributors on the credits page. As one of the largest community colleges in the Commonwealth, Middlesex has been the gateway to success for tens of thousands of students who studied here in order to achieve their academic and career goals. Additionally, the faculty has embraced the challenges of growth and change, consistently working to provide the highest academic standards in service to the largest and most diverse county in Massachusetts. The future is indeed bright for our college. Middlesex will continue to build the capacity to partner with individuals, businesses, legislators and our communities to respond to the demands of our region. This book provides a snapshot of our first 40 years. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting these memories on paper. Thank you for your continued support! vii