Cowan at 2010’s 40th anniversary Grand Gala at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, with Trustees Chairman Bill Chemelli, her son Kevin Napier, and Foundation Chairman Jim Henderson. ▲ “At hundreds of meetings, our trustees have listened as we’ve explained our plans for a new property, or as we’ve laid out the details of changes we’re making in a certain academic area,” said Cowan. “And inevitably, a question will follow along the lines of ‘What does this mean for our students?’ ” The board’s make-up has always been diverse, drawing from the private business community, the ranks of higher education, or from the college’s multitude of community partners. Current Board of Trustees Chairman Bill Chemelli, a 1975 graduate of MCC, is a retired Belmont police lieutenant. He considers himself one of the college’s biggest cheerleaders. But he also credits the diversity of the board as one of the driving factors that helps it reach an agreement. “We might not have all the answers,” said Chemelli, “but when we put our heads together, somebody always has the right answer at the right time. Together, that’s how we get things done.” In addition to Chemelli, the current Board consists of retired associate justice Robert Barton of Bedford, Timothy Glaser of Wilmington, former Bedford Police Chief and current Natick Police Chief James Hicks, Abbey Henderson of Maynard, Royall Mack of Andover, Elia Marnik of South Orleans, Paul Means of Stoneham, John Pearson Jr. of Lowell, Duane Taylor of Littleton and Student Trustee Joseph Assenza of Lowell. 64