▲ Cowan is joined by former President Houlihan at the unveiling of his portrait. That’s why she found Henderson’s call with the news of her selection both thrilling and humbling at the same time. “I knew I was ready for the opportunity, I was familiar with the daunting challenges that lay ahead of us, but I also knew that I wasn’t going to be facing those challenges alone,” she said. In fact, after 20 years leading the college through an unprecedented period of growth and prominence, Cowan still quickly credits a veritable army of others with MCC’s overall successes. A B OA R D O F L E A D E R S First and foremost, said Cowan, credit for virtually every step forward the college has taken over the past two decades points to the support provided by MCC’s Board of Trustees. “I’ve been extremely fortunate throughout my tenure to enjoy the support of a Board of Trustees that has always kept the students front and center, and has been able to do so in a supporting style that has allowed college administrators to execute the game plan,” said Cowan. Since its inception, the board has seen just four chairs – Paul Galvani, Jim Henderson, Tom O’Mahony and its current chair, Bill Chemelli. Cowan credited their ability to steer the ship, not just through the easy developments, but during tough budget crises as well. From program expansions, to strategic plans, to the acquisition of new properties, Cowan said the Trustees have always supported the administration, always with an eye toward protecting students and providing them with more learning opportunities. 62