Work underway at MCC’s Bedford campus. ▲ “We would go in to have coffee with these people and ask them their opinions on how our campus would work, where they thought parking lots would work, extra trees, entrances, physical layouts, etc.,” Dobelle said. “We were a community college, we needed to build community involvement, this was not a Broadway show that was going to happen overnight, it took a lot of effort, both in Bedford and in Lowell,” he said. Everything was continuing forward at seemingly breakneck speed. Then, on May 20, 1990, the Lowell Sun headline read: MCC President Quits for West Coast Post. GOING WEST Dobelle was leaving to become Chancellor of the San Francisco Community College District and President of the City College of San Francisco. His last day on the job would be Halloween 1990. “I knew my work at Middlesex was done, I was leaving people in charge who could see the progress through,” he recalled. “I didn’t need to be there to cut the ribbons, I saw the shovels hit the ground, and knew I could go.” Yet, even as Dobelle’s departure was capturing headlines, the college’s advancement needed to continue, and so it did. 51