▲ All three MCC presidents at the opening of the new Bedford campus. very difficult to grasp the absurdity of it, to have students faculty and staff surrounded by all of these veterans who were being treated for a trip they never came all the way home from,” Dobelle recalled. Eventually, Dobelle was offered the job, and quickly accepted. His first day as president was a snowy Monday, January 4, 1988. A NEW VISION Gary McPhee, MCC’s Director of Human Resources, remembers the temperature on campus when Dobelle first started, and he was not referring to the January cold. “The expectation among many was that things were just going to continue as they had. Boy, were they wrong! I just remember it being such an incredible whirlwind of change when he started that it took everybody by storm,” recalled McPhee. In his HR role, McPhee had served on Dobelle’s search committee and was also his administrative liaison. The two men frequently exchanged telephone calls prior to Dobelle’s arrival. “The biggest thing about Evan was that you knew immediately that if you worked with him, it was going to help the college move forward and thereby help all of us. It was hard work, and if you weren’t willing to do it, you knew there were consequences,” McPhee remembered. “Evan came well prepared to make changes upon assuming the presidency, having done his homework in the months before taking office. Evan would tell people ‘my mission is to make things happen,’ and he needed us on board. Dobelle had a grand vision, but also had a plan to realize it,” said McPhee. 46