Almost immediately, the college began offering evening classes. ▲ ▲ Librarian at the Bedford Campus Library on the VA grounds. Over the following months, with the support of state legislators, appropriations were made to allow for the necessary work. Finally, on September 24, 1970, the doors to the VA’s brick buildings were opened for the first time to a new crop of 570 Middlesex Community College students. Their ages ranged from 17 to 66 years, and they hailed from 52 different cities and towns, with the highest total hailing from Woburn. With a flurry of activities, such as a “Get Acquainted Dance” and a picnic on the VA grounds, the first class was eagerly welcomed. Tuition was $200 a year. An application to the college cost $10, along with a $25 student activity fee. The first class was nearly an even split of young men and women. President Houlihan at the college’s opening said: “It is hoped that the business and cultural life of the area will be dramatically enhanced by the establishment of an academic and technical center which is designed for the purpose of enriching its own community and to be uniquely responsive to the special needs of the area.” Middlesex was off and running. 11