▲ Lowell Sun headlines scream the news that the college would not open on schedule. N O T S O FA S T It was only a matter of weeks, however, before news reports surfaced indicating the newest addition to the state’s community college system might not be moving ahead as planned. Suddenly, the targeted opening date of September 1969 started getting labeled “optimistic,” as funding roadblocks began cropping up. Extensive renovations still needed to occur in the two VA buildings, and it was becoming painfully apparent that the needed $750,000 would not be in place that summer. Then, in Springfield, on May 9, 1969, the inevitable vote happened, and six days later, on May 15, a Lowell Sun newspaper headline screamed: “Bedford’s Middlesex College ‘not ready’ – Postpone Opening of College.” At the time, there were already 130 confirmed applicants for the fall semester, with nearly 300 other prospective students expressing an interest in attending. Phone calls, letters and community meetings all kicked into high gear to help find other educational accommodations for the hopeful students. On the bright side, the postponement would allow the college to expand its scope from serving a planned 300 students to 500. Also with the delayed opening, the college’s support team was built over the course of the ensuing months, with 24 faculty members and administrative staff added to the ranks. 9