Responsive Workforce Development An active Business and Industry program delivers just-in-time education and training at corporate and agency sites, while on-campus and web-based skills development, professional development, and lifelong learning programs are offered throughout the region. A unique partnership with MCC’s one-stop Career Place gives students and community residents ready access to extensive career counseling, placement, and training in an off-site facility created to serve regional economic development needs. Active Civic Engagement Through partnerships with schools, businesses, the arts community, and service agencies, Middlesex participates actively in the day-to-day life and ongoing development of its local communities. Service Learning reinforces institutional and personal citizenship, involving students in authentic learning and vital community service, while international teaching and learning opportunities support partnerships abroad and globalization of Middlesex’s curriculum. Extended Learning Opportunities Programs and services for students and community members of all ages, interests and abilities complement other college offerings, extending MCC’s reach to diverse populations. Programs range from adult literacy and Englishas-a-Second-Language instruction at college and pre-college levels to Honors and post-graduate opportunities. Community residents can broaden specific skills and interests in a collegiate environment through an array of focused summer camps, specialized programming for youth and senior citizens, shortterm courses and seminars, and online learning opportunities. A Commitment to Excellence Through an emphasis on effectiveness, applied scholarship and instructional innovation, faculty and staff produce dynamic curricula and creative approaches to learning. An extensive professional development program supports exploration of effective teaching techniques, new technologies, and strategies that promote student achievement and success both in the classroom and beyond. College research and ongoing outcomes assessment reinforce Middlesex’s commitment to continuous improvement and responsiveness in all of its offerings and services. . 151