THE MIDDLESEX COMMUNITY COLLEGE Mission Statement Middlesex Community College is a progressive and dynamic learning community, committed to providing educational programs and services that support personal growth and economic opportunity for its diverse student population. Dedicated to student success, the College provides excellence in teaching, personal attention, and extensive opportunities for exploration and growth. Closely linked to the fabric of the community, Middlesex’s partnerships with school, business and service organizations provide leadership in economic and community development and foster a culture of civic engagement and responsive workforce development. The College’s state-of-the-art programs in the liberal arts, basic skills, and more than fifty career and technical fields respond to student and community needs, providing a strong foundation for college transfer, employment, professional development and lifelong learning. Six pillars express the primar y values and goals that support the Middlesex Mission A Dynamic Learning Environment Teaching is student-centered, emphasizing interactive learning strategies, state-of-theart technology, workplace and community service, and the incorporation of a forwardthinking core curriculum. Online classes, tutoring and library resources give students added flexibility for learning. Vibrant co-curricular opportunities reflect a broad array of interests and encourage a strong voice in student governance. A Supportive, Caring Community Classes are small, with instruction tailored to the needs of individual students. Writing, Reading, and Mathematics learning centers and tutoring in all college subjects enhance achievement, providing added personal attention and support. By accessing the academic, career and personal counseling available at both Middlesex campuses, students receive timely, individualized guidance throughout their college experience and assistance in planning the next steps in their education and careers. 150