THE MIDDLESEX COMMUNITY COLLEGE CELEBRITY FORUM The MCC Celebrity Forum is an annual event designed to bring well-known personalities to the area in order to enrich educational and cultural opportunities for area residents. Proceeds from this event help to raise funds for the MCC Endowment. Past Forum speakers include: Walter Cronkite with Doris Kearns Goodwin, Colin Powell, George and Barbara Bush, Rudolph Giuliani, David McCullough, Barbara Walters, Tim Russert, Geena Davis, Mike and Chris Wallace, Jay Leno, Sarah Ferguson, Ken Burns and Robin Roberts. 2011 ❖ ROBIN ROBERTS 2010 ❖ KEN BURNS 2009 ❖ SARAH FERGUSON 2008 ❖ JAY LENO 2007 ❖ MIKE & CHRIS WALLACE 2006 ❖ GEENA DAVIS 136