International studies take front and center in the college’s Multicultural Center. ▲ ▲ Melissa Welch, crouching left, joins a Day of Service team with partners from the Lowell National Historical Park. chapter in their lives that allows them to flourish in our environment. These are the accomplishments that play out every year at our college, and it’s what makes Middlesex such a special place for our students to grow.” Rebecca Newell, MCC’s Director of Leadership Development & Student Activities, said the students at MCC never cease to amaze her. “What is truly inspiring is that I can go an entire year working side-by-side with a club president, an athlete or a student government-office holder, and learn that all along, they were raising children, fighting cancer, struggling to achieve citizenship. The circumstances of these courageous and dedicated learners are often quite shocking. Middlesex students have a drive and dedication like no other. Their success stories go far beyond grade point average, and I am certain they will be the strong, future leaders of not just Massachusetts, but well beyond.” Provost and Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs Phil Sisson said the faculty at Middlesex never loses sight of their charge: to teach and reach the students who pass through the college doors. 109