Dean of Students Pam Flaherty, standing far right, and students who participated in the 2010 China fellowship. ▲ And, Alves said, the leadership at the college has always encouraged initiative and creativity. “If you’re willing to step up and do the work and develop a reputation for being a person who gets the job done, there will always be opportunities for you at Middlesex,” Alves said. “Not everything is going to be wildly successful, but we have leadership that supports forward-thinking and risk-taking.” STUDENTS: FRONT AND CENTER Pamela Flaherty, Dean of Students, said working at Middlesex “has been a dream come true for someone like me who loves to work with a diverse population of students. It’s a place that’s not only rich in ethnicity and culture, but it’s diverse in so many other ways, too. Students are old, young, mature, not-so-mature, strong learners and those who struggle to learn. That diversity is one of the traits that brings life to the community in Middlesex Community College.” Flaherty said her most satisfying moments on campus are dealing with students at pivotal points in their lives, and helping them navigate the roads ahead. “There is nothing more rewarding than finding a student, at whatever point in life they’ve entered college, and providing them with an individual pathway to reach whatever goals they’re hoping to accomplish,” said Flaherty. “We reap so many rewards when working with a student who might not feel as though he or she is ready for college, only to come to MCC and find their footing on a solid foundation. For some of our older students, they join us to write a new 107