MCC staff and faculty who comprised the college’s first Annual Fund Committee in 2006. ▲ With Vince MacDonald, Dean of MCC’s Bedford Campus and the MCC Foundation’s first executive director, serving as college liaison to the project, once again private contractors were brought in to work on rehabilitating the property, a task that would take three years to complete. The interior of the home was in such disrepair, most of it had to be renovated with a few exceptions, such as the beams, the mantles and the fireplaces. Renamed the Middlesex Meetinghouse, the home officially opened in January 2004, and to date serves as a reception site for college and corporate seminars, as well as business meetings, luncheons, receptions, showers and small weddings. TSONGAS FOR CONGRESS After nearly a decade working hand-in-hand with the MCC Foundation, Niki Tsongas left Middlesex in 2007, making a run for the vacated United States congressional seat held decades earlier by her husband, Paul. She won the seat in October 2007. Throughout her campaign, she spoke fondly of her experience at Middlesex, and continues to do so today. Specifically, Tsongas lauded the college and the MCC Foundation’s efforts to preserve historic buildings. “I think Middlesex is the best real estate developer in town,” said Congresswoman Tsongas. “That’s not just a function of the buildings, but what Middlesex does to the properties when it acquires them. They could have gone the route of routine restorations, but instead has been very adept at showing a great respect for the communities they serve, and making their properties suitable showcases for college students. Together, Middlesex Community College and the MCC Foundation have left their mark on their communities.” 96